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We have a bit of a Ben & Holly fan here at home, just a bit (quite a lot, actually). When we had the opportunity to review the new app from P2 Games, we jumped at the chance. So far we’re really liking it too – as while a lot of these games have a similar theme (win games, collect stickers, play on the sticker book afterwards), there’s some additional variations which we think are fab.

You choose to play as Ben or Holly, though so far we’ve not noticed any difference in who you choose to play with, other than your child gets to choose a favourite.

You have four games to choose from :

Ben and Holly app MenuCollecting Stars
Throwing Sticks
Sweeping the leaves

Throwing Sticks - Ben and Holly app

All of the games are pretty self-explanatory – but here’s where we like it that little bit more – you have an option to choose an Easy or Hard game – and while H does love playing the other games that are similar, levels of difficulty help make this a bit more challenging (though to be fair, right now she seems to love cleaning Scoop on the Bob The Builder game, and we’re finding it difficult to get her to play any other game in that app!) – and means it wont get too easy too quickly.

Ben and Holly app - Easy or Hard

Collecting Stars is straightforward enough, you move Ben or Holly and avoid the bees and butterflies, otherwise you’ll lose a life
Throwing Sticks was a bit more difficult – we’ve not been able to complete this on the Easy level yet! I’m not quite working out how to throw the stick in other directions, but that helps make this more challenging!
Hiding is a simple variant of Whack A Mole – without moles and without whacking – just tap the screen when Ben and Holly appear and don’t hit the other animals otherwise you’ll lose a life!
Sweeping the leaves is another simple one – move the leaves to the corners of the screen and don’t let Gaston mess them up while you’re doing it!

Gaston with a twig - Ben and Holly app

Another nice touch, the option to play again. I could be wrong, but I don’t remember that option on the other games.

Ben and Holly app - Again?

Would we change anything on this game? Right now we’re loving it – it’s straightforward and uncomplicated and has the option of being a little more difficult. Like the Peppa Pig game you can make the stickers in the Sticker Book larger or smaller, and there’s a good selection of stickers to collect, so your book wont be complete for a long time which keeps you coming back to play more times. H did wonder why Daisy and Poppy weren’t together, but there’s the toddler way of thinking in action there, rather than a criticism!

Ben and Holly app sticker book

I like that you use the pincer grasp to make the stickers larger or smaller, as while H has always been good at it, a little practice never does any harm!

So yes, in summary, I’m finding this good, it’s got different features to ones we’re used to in previous games while still similar.

You can buy the Ben and Holly game at the App Store for £1.99

we received a review code for this app – all opinions are our own

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