App Time – Peppa Pig Theme Park

Peppa Pig Theme Park

Just in time for Christmas there’s a new Peppa Pig app from P2 Games – and while it’s similar to previous games, we’re liking the choices you have when playing – there’s ten different games in total, which have different levels of difficulty within their own game – so you could have a timed game vs in your own time, number of laps, and so on. This time it’s Peppa Pig’s Theme Park and the games are all related around rides you’d find at the Theme Park – though not Peppa Pig World.

H is (as ever) obsessed with the sticker pages – but this time you have to earn coins to pay for your stickers which I quite like – then you head to the ‘shop’ and ‘buy’ your stickers. H has got her head around this, and has been having a good play on certain sections, not even necessarily ones she’ll earn more.

Peppa Pig Theme Park

One part reminds me of the old Simon games from the 80s – though this time there’s six colours and you need to remember the sequence. At first I wondered if it would be a bit too advanced for H, as while she has good concentration she does get distracted – but I found she can easily do half of the game before asking for help. If you get a sequence wrong you get a cross (rather than a tick for doing it correctly), but if you then do it correctly it wipes the cross, so as long as you get ten correct you’ll get the coins at the end.

Peppa Pig Theme ParkThere’s also a driving game which is a bit different to others I’ve seen – in that you turn the wheel and point the arrow in the direction you want to go, which H navigates well. I did the game and found it was tricky enough to dodge the muddy puddles, but again, H picked it up straight away – a bit more challenging but not in a bad way.

Peppa Pig Theme ParkThere’s the food part – this time you’re making candyfloss (or fairy floss if you come from Australia) in the colour each character asks for. You simply spin the stick around the barrel (as Madame Gazelle) and load it up with the sticky stuff. Do too much though, and it’ll explode and the x reappears – so it’s all about stopping in time. Of course your character then gets to eat it.

Another favourite is the train ride – simple enough but enough buttons to press you can be doing more than one thing – you’re letting people on and off the train (as long as you stop the train in time), and that’s about it – H likes this one as she likes to let me know which characters she’s let onto the train.

Other games are

Water cannon – Peppa loves water games! Can you help Peppa to use the water cannon to hit the objects? There are lots to ducks and boats to hit! Don’t forget to fill the balloons too!

Hot air balloon – Peppa and George are going on a hot air balloon ride.  Can you help to steer the hot air balloon and collect the coloured balloons?  Collect as many as you can and then count the ones you have collected by popping them!

Peppa Pig Theme Park

Bumper cars – Peppa and her friends really love to play on the bumper cars.  Can you steer the car and help Peppa to bump into the other cars? (I like this one, H couldn’t quite get her head around cars bumping into each other)

Tea cup ride – Peppa and George really enjoy the tea-cup ride!  Join in the fun with Peppa and her friends!

I’m one of those people who like to read the credits, and spotted a reception level at school tested this app, which I find pretty sweet – and I’m guessing that it’ll have got a big thumbs up too.

Peppa Pig Theme Park is available now at the App Store priced £3.99.

We received a code to review this app – all opinions are our own.

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  1. This is a brilliant app, too! I didn’t make the “Simon” connection until you mentioned it.


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