Spongebob Squarepants Earplugs

I received these to review as part of my subscription to The Baby Website – you can read my review over here.

SpongeBob Earplugs

I seem to remember joking about how when Shaun and I had children that we’d find that we’re both sitting watching cartoons while our child reads books. It hasn’t quite happened like that, though we have introduced her to cartoons we like. One of these is Spongebob Squarepants – if only for singing the song more than anything (who can resist shouting it out? Oh, just me? Ah.). We’re not yet ready to leave the world of Peppa Pig and Ben & Holly and Dora, but Spongebob is slowly working his way in.

The earplugs resemble a carefully moulded blob of blu-tack – and I had no idea how successful they’d be. I have tinnitus so use earplugs a lot when I’m anywhere that’s likely to be loud – so I’m used to the kind which stick in your ear, though am conscious putting ones like that into H’s ears aren’t a good idea.

From birth I’d bought a pair of Kidproof ear defenders which she’s happy to wear, but when you’re out they’re fiddly to carry as well as everything else. These earplugs are small and come in their own case – and fit perfectly into a bag without taking up room.

SpongeBob Earplugs

We got to try them out at the local firework display, and they did the trick – in fact H asked to wear them! The only problem we had was her hair getting stuck in the sticky stuff, but it was easily removed – just a bit difficult in the dark. If you do try them and your child has longer hair, it may be worth tying it back.

You can buy the Spongebob earplugs at all good stores, including Boots. They cost approximately £3.99.

I was sent the earplugs to review, all opinions are my own.

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