Backlife. How To Improve Back Pain at Home.

Backlife is a device which has been clinically proven to relieve back pain. I’ve had a lot of trouble with back pain these last couple of years. I’ve been using my Backlife daily for over a month now, and this is my review.

Backlife is a device which is clinically proven to relieve back pain. I have back pain daily, hourly – all day and every day. I jumped at the chance to review this, and was intrigued – could a device like this really make a difference?


It works in a really simple way. Firstly, set the height of the leg rest according to your height – it’s set in 5cm increments using the blue button on the top of the machine. I’m five foot ten so 177cm – which rounded to 175. Plug it in, get comfortable and make sure you have a cushion or two for your head, simply press the button near the base and lie still for twelve minutes.


Backlife lower back

In that time your lower back will have gentle exercise – a bit like when a chiropractor rotates your legs to get the joints moving without the clicks that usually come with it. It lifts your legs up and down in a really gentle way, and not so you’d notice. This is called Continuous Passive Movement (CPM) and is used to work your muscles and mobilise your spine.

You lie on the ground with your legs draped over the Backlife and it gently rotates your knees which in turn rotates your pelvis, which gets the vertebrae of your lower back working. And this gentle motion loosens up the stiffened muscles which cause bad backs. Backlife uses accepted clinical techniques and is clinically proven to work.

It’s really relaxing too. My legs have felt tingly afterwards in a good way. I’ve found that it works best for me in the evenings (the guidance recommends twice daily but I don’t have time in the mornings) and it is making a huge difference to my life. I do still have minor back aches from time to time but nothing like it was a month ago.


I am taking Devil’s Claw to help with my pain (one a day) and am now swimming several times a week. However, using the Backlife machine made things feel ‘normal’ again – a feeling I’ve not had in my back for a long time. I feel like I can swim better as well as move around much smoother – it has helped me to feel normal again.

The Backlife machine retails for £299 and is currently on offer for £235. I have a code to share with you which will take £70 off the Backlife as well – please use BACKTU

Please note – I am aware of what my back problems are so felt like this was a good option for me. I have disc problems, where some are being squeezed by my lower back giving me pain, so doing pilates, swimming and now this have proved beneficial. My pilates instructor is a physiotherapist and had heard of the Backlife machine, and lots of really good things about it too. What’s more, if you buy from JD Harris they offer a lifetime guarantee if it makes no difference. It’s a lot of money to pay, but so are appointments with chiropractors.

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