Morden Hall Park Dig It!

On Sunday we headed to Morden Hall Park to check out a new event, ‘Dig It’ – a free one designed for younger children to help them learn about things humans have left behind, and what they did with them in their lives.

Morden Hall Park Dig It

For H, this was tons of fun – objects range from tiles to bits of pottery, a thimble, a CD or even a large shell. We haven’t had the sandpit out since the weather was warmer so having a good dig for things kept her occupied for a while. Afterwards you can draw pictures of the things you’ve dug up (which are of course put back into the sandpit for someone else to dig up).

It’s simple stuff, but ties in with Morden Hall Park’s current Archaeology exhibition to make it interesting for younger children. To join in (it runs until early March), head to the Stable Yard where you’ll find it within the visitor centre.

Morden Hall Park floods

Afterwards of course there’s plenty to do around the grounds – we headed to the Natural Play Area which unfortunately was flooded! If you go, take wellies. Instead we had a wander around the grounds. It’s also worth pointing out that Morden Hall Park is a cycle and scooter friendly National Trust place if you wanted your child to have a go (although also be aware the River Wandle runs in several places through the grounds!).

We’re lucky, Morden Hall Park can be visited (for us) by bus, and has many happy memories whenever we go. There are lots of activities planned in the coming months, head over to the National Trust website to find out more.

H Loves Morden Hall Park

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