belVita Soft Bakes

If you happen to work with me, you may think I’ve taken out shares in belVita, as I’m always well stocked up on their breakfast biscuits. The latest addition to their range is the belVita Soft Bakes – I was sent a box of each to try.

belVita Soft Bakes varieties

belVita Soft Bakes are now available in this country, in three varieties; chocolate, red berries and golden grain. So what’s different about these?

My breakfast involves a portion of pineapple and an apple, and I almost always follow this with a pack of belVita Honey and Nuts biscuits – the regular ones where you get four small biscuits – these keep me full until it’s time for my mid-morning snack.

I was given the chance to try the belVita Soft Bakes, and was immediately surprised at how it was just the one biscuit. Having said that, it kept me just as full as the regular smaller biscuits, so I was curious how they compared dietary-wise.

One belVita Soft Bakes biscuit comes in per 100g as much less than the thinner biscuits – 380 calories vs 455.  I found that I only needed one biscuit to stay full until lunch, which is good – I tend to snack easily, especially if I have something to hand. I need to stay full so I don’t want to reach into my work drawers.

belVita Soft Bakes Red Berries

Flavour-wise I liked the Red Berries the best – really soft and squishy with cranberries. The Golden Grain biscuits were plain, but still good. There is also a chocolate chips variety which I wasn’t sent which I’ll be looking out for in the shops! With each pack of biscuits in individually wrapped portions, so I’m not tempted to have more than one each day.

belVita Soft Bakes are made with five wholegrains and are rich in cereals. They offer a great source of fibre, containing vitamins B6, magnesium and iron. I like them as they have slow release carbohydrates which help keep me full.

belVita Soft Bakes have been touring around the UK – Shaun picked up some free samples at Victoria Station, and I’m holding out hope for a visit at Clapham Junction too!

belVita Soft Bakes portions

belVita Breakfast Soft Bakes Red Berries and Golden Grain are available in Asda, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons & Tesco at the recommended retail price is £2.79. belVita Breakfast Soft Bakes Choc Chip are available exclusively at Tesco until January 2016.

I was sent the belVita Soft Bakes for the purpose of review – all opinions are my own.

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