Project 365 – Week 42

Sunday 11th October. We borrowed next door’s carpet cleaner and gave our front room some much needed attention. It needed it. Look at all that space, which of course would be taken over with “stuff” again once it dried. It worried a few FB friends, wondering what was going on.


Monday 12th October. And so starts our theme for this week. My sister sent some birthday money for H a bit late, and after chatting with Shaun about it, we thought we should get her some roller skates as she had wanted some for a while. At the moment she’s just indoors while we wait for her knee and elbow pads to arrive, but she’s taken to it really quickly. So this was pre-Rainbows.


Tuesday 13th October. After school.


Wednesday 14th October. After the Very Tiring School trip. But she wasn’t too tired to skate.


Thursday 15th October. Still skating…


Friday 16th October. A break. We had the dentist after school followed by a haircut in Carshalton Village – H has her school photo on Monday. Seeing as I cut her hair last time, it needed someone who knows how to do it. We stopped at our local Costa before haircut time, and had a much-needed treat. Extra bonus, the abscess I thought I had isn’t one. I had an x-ray done, and asked the dentist what those two suspicious looking black holes were on the image. My nostrils, apparently. He may have laughed at me.

Friday 2


Saturday 17th October. I was sent some Snazaroo face paints via Mumsnet, so this is a pumpkin skater.

pumpkin saturday


  1. She definitely loves those skates doesn’t she? And well done on the carpet cleaning. We did a bit of that this weekend and it was very hard work moving all the furniture around!


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