H gets trendy with BooHoo Kids

I’m the sort of person who wears jeans and t-shirts on a daily basis, which in turn has passed on to H. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that but at the same time she’s seven. She’s discovering her own style and – oh – she’s tall too. So our age seven girl tends to wear clothes for age 9-10. BooHoo Kids recently launched and offered us the chance to order up to £35 worth of clothes from their website.

BooHoo Kids offer a really good range of clothes. I wanted to make sure H had something which would be worn plenty of times and would also be good for special occasions. With her being so tall she can get away with skinny jeans, so we ordered her a black pair. To go with it, BooHoo Kids have a fabulous red sweatshirt with a big black love heart on it. It looks pretty good and is still our jeans and t-shirts style.

Boohoo kids star skater dress

When you’re seven you’re getting invites to parties which might be a bit more party-like than just games (like, say, when you were six, right?) so H chose a skater dress with a star pattern on it. I think she looks fabulous in it too! It’s just the right length.

The black jeans and red sweatshirt were perfect for mufti day at school – warm for outside and unique enough for inside that she wouldn’t lose it (unlike most of her school jumpers this term). She was also nice and warm on Bonfire Night! The jeans were long too – important when your child is tall.

Boohoo kids heart sweatshirt and skinny jeans

I found that BooHoo Kids sizes could have come in a bit too small for H. She’s 137cm, and that’s pretty much anything age 9-10. I would recommend going on height rather than anything else. The waist of her jeans isn’t adjustable, although that isn’t a problem.

I like how they’re easily washable and hard wearing too. They keep their quality and I love how the slogans available on the t-shirts are the kind of things H would say. If we’d had double the money to spend she would have wanted even more!

Ordering from BooHoo Kids was easy. I ended up doing it in my browser (they have an app too), the clothes arrived in a few days.

We were given a £35 budget to order clothes from BooHoo Kids, all opinions are our own. You can find their clothes here

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