BritMums Weightwatchers Back2Best – it’s the final countdown….

So, here’s my last BritMums Back2Best Weightwatchers update. Incredibly, and I say incredibly as I’ve been terrible at tracking for the last two weeks since the App was updated (I had a few hiccups, but they seem to be fixed by logging out then going back in), I have lost a stone!

The idea of losing a stone and doing it steadily and successfully was something that I never thought I could do. I’m more than a bit gobsmacked at how straightforward it was, and I don’t feel like I’ve ‘missed out’ on anything in the process.

But – I’m still overweight, so my journey is still ongoing – I’ve another half a stone to lose before the magical ‘normal’ comes back into my life for the first time since around 1989 (probably – I didn’t own scales for a lot of my twenties) – but the jeans I bought last Christmas when I lost a bit of weight are loose – I may well be a size 32 for the first time in many, many years. I might even fit into women’s jeans again (whoa!).

So, what did I learn about myself doing WeightWatchers? I learnt I ate too much, although I do eat lots of vegetables (lesser so with fruit) – the food I’ve eaten hasn’t really changed, but my portion sizes have. Also, if I know what I’m going to eat I can plan better – so if we go to Pizza Express we may well do it after an afternoon at a National Trust place when I’ve earned an easy 10 or more points walking around for a few hours. Also, running for the train counts in my opinion, a cumulative four nights (and mornings) of running for one minute could work out at one point. Actually, there’s another thing. I can run comfortably for the train most of the time (steps are still exhausting, so we’ll take this one step at a time).

I’m still as relaxed about food as I ever have been, and while we haven’t had a takeaway in a long time I have had chips when eating out – but I’m watching my portion size and being sensible. Pizza-wise I’ve still not found the vegetarian WeightWatchers ones though have been told there are supply issues – I’m still keeping a look out.

I’ve found that most WeightWatchers foods are easy to get hold of – I do a weekly Ocado shop and they often do good multibuy deals, as well as a well stocked section at Poundland. We’ve tried a few recipes and they’ve been yummy – and what’s even better is that they don’t taste any different to the food we used to eat. Having the WW scales has been handy – they’re used every night and while we’re not obsessive about using them, they definitely help when working out portion size.

Also, the oil squirter has been an eye opener – mainly as I’d just put a dollop on the frying pan – bad move! So controlling how much I use has helped a lot.

In summary, I’ve not had to overhaul my life to lose weight, I’ve just had to look at it. With logging everything I’ve had the proper guidelines to eat what I need to through the day and haven’t starved myself in the process. With the emphasis on portion size as a family we’re still eating well and most importantly of all, H doesn’t think mummy is ‘on a diet’ which is the key thing I wanted to avoid.

I’m not a runner though am a swimmer – and we’re getting membership at our local gym for the new year – so while I’m now limited to 28 points a day, I’ll earn quite a few back with a good swim. As far as Shaun goes, he’s been eating the same foods and has taken up Couch to 5K – and did his first 20 minute run the other night successfully. (I’m really proud of him!) I’d like to think that H is going to have a family who are healthy, well and active – and that would be the best Christmas present anyone could have, I reckon.

I have been given six months of WeightWatchers membership – my journey continues as I’ve still a few more pounds to shift before I’m no longer overweight. You can try WeightWatchers for £1 (remember to turn off the direct debit option if you choose not to keep it going) and see how straightforward it is too. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

WeightWatchers Back2Best Challenge with BritMums

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