Celia Birtwell Comes to Uniqlo

I love Uniqlo. I wear their clothes pretty much all the time and have done for many years now. In the last month or two I’ve finally been able to wear their women’s clothes for the first time due to my WeightWatchers success – and you know what, I love how well they fit. So I’ve signed up to be a UniQlo affiliate – I love the clothes and they have some really lovely designs, so I may as well gush about what I know about!

Which brings me on to this – Celia Birtwell has done a collection which will be in-store from 21st March 2013 – although I’m not so keen on the short trousers (they’ll show off my dry skin rash a bit too much) – but the designs are lovely!

 Celia Birtwell at Uniqlo

Celia Birtwell is fashion royalty. She cemented her name in fashion through her bold prints and collaborative work with husband Ossie Clark, creating iconic, famous designs in the 60s and 70s.

And…she was even Hockney’s muse!

“I always use paint, paper and a brush and I believe that when you’re designing it should come from the hand, eye and heart,” said Birtwell. “I’m often asked where one takes one’s inspiration from, so obviously nature and I like quirky things too, which I think Uniqlo quite understands…”

Celia Birtwell at Uniqlo

The collection includes dresses, T-shirts, and bags featuring prints with cutesy names like Bird Song, Dilly Daydream and Cherry Pet Spot. All of the featured prints are from Celia’s own famous archive, but have been re-imagined, re-scaled and reworked so that they translate perfectly onto the range.

“I loved working with Uniqlo, I find lots of smiling faces, which is very pleasant,” she said. “We have a language actually that relates to each other and that’s been a real pleasure.”

Celia’s iconic prints add an atisan touch to the range. The silk culottes and shorts were the winning pieces for us but with a wide selection of garments in a variety of pretty prints there really is something for everyone.

While I’m here, the Greengate collection is still for sale in-store and has some GORGEOUS things to choose from – check out the link – and I’ve seen some Disney t-shirts still in stock in my local store too!

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