Christmas Gift Ideas – The Because I Like Shopping at Uniqlo Edition

My workmate today realised there’s One Whole Month left before we finish for the year. This is a good thing as our section of the office is F R E E Z I N G. We’re all SO cold. Fortunately Uniqlo have their Heattech range and just to taunt me that little bit more there’s a fabulous Orla Kiely range within that. At a bargain £12.90 for each top I had to buy another today – especially as I’m wearing one every day (I have five now, not the same one every day!!) – I do love shopping at Uniqlo!

My problem with Uniqlo when they do a range with a designer I like is that I end up wanting to buy everything. This Orla Kiely range is no different – although only available in v-neck or polo neck (I usually prefer round neck ones).

Orla Kiely at Uniqlo

They also had some of the last Celia Birtwell range reduced – so I picked up a yellow stripe long sleeved top for £7.90

Celia Birtwell at Uniqlo

Those alone, if anyone bought me them for Christmas would make me a very happy lady. They’ve got Fair Isle style knits in store – gloves, hats and scarves, and fleeces of all manner of colours, jackets for this horrid cold weather and really reasonably priced jeans.

I’ve loved Uniqlo for years as I’ve found their clothes to be great quality and my kind of style. I love they’re working with designers and that each range has something most people will like. They’re not too girly and they’re not too plain.

I also love the 10 Gruppen fleece range and sent Shaun out to one of the West End branches to pick me up this fleece, which I’m really pleased with.

Uniqlo 10 Gruppen Fleece

I like quirky and interesting, and always end up clashing my patterns, but fortunately work is SO cold that I have my fleece zipped up all day so nobody ever knows… phew!

Uniqlo are even doing underwear these days. I haven’t bought any yet, but they look pretty comfortable so I’m sure it won’t be much longer… as a footnote, we finally got to the Wimbledon store and bought some of the kids range – and we’re really happy with it – and there’s plenty of Heattech choice there too. I love shopping at Uniqlo!

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Lulu Guinness at Uniqlo

Uniqlo launched their second Lulu Guinness UT collection yesterday – so today I headed to my local Wandsworth store to see what was on offer. If you like Lulu Guinness’s designs (I am in love with the umbrella on her homepage) or indeed a sucker for spots and stripes (I’m in), then you’ll probably love what’s on offer.

What I like the most about Uniqlo’s various UT ranges is being able to pick up a top which is affordable and still looks good – so I was able to get a spotty t-shirt with sort of fold over cap sleeves (I thought very eighties) for just £12.90.

I’m not a fan of t-shirts with collars, but I have to admit I was close to buying one of the ones in-store – but having thought a bit more about it, there’s only a small number of t-shirts available, so I’m holding on in the hope that maybe there’ll be a second range within this lot announced soon!

Lulu Guinness at Uniqlo


This post contains an affiliate link, but all clothes are bought from my own hard-earned cash.

Celia Birtwell Comes to Uniqlo

I love Uniqlo. I wear their clothes pretty much all the time and have done for many years now. In the last month or two I’ve finally been able to wear their women’s clothes for the first time due to my WeightWatchers success – and you know what, I love how well they fit. So I’ve signed up to be a UniQlo affiliate – I love the clothes and they have some really lovely designs, so I may as well gush about what I know about!

Which brings me on to this – Celia Birtwell has done a collection which will be in-store from 21st March 2013 – although I’m not so keen on the short trousers (they’ll show off my dry skin rash a bit too much) – but the designs are lovely!

 Celia Birtwell at Uniqlo

Celia Birtwell is fashion royalty. She cemented her name in fashion through her bold prints and collaborative work with husband Ossie Clark, creating iconic, famous designs in the 60s and 70s.

And…she was even Hockney’s muse!

“I always use paint, paper and a brush and I believe that when you’re designing it should come from the hand, eye and heart,” said Birtwell. “I’m often asked where one takes one’s inspiration from, so obviously nature and I like quirky things too, which I think Uniqlo quite understands…”

Celia Birtwell at Uniqlo

The collection includes dresses, T-shirts, and bags featuring prints with cutesy names like Bird Song, Dilly Daydream and Cherry Pet Spot. All of the featured prints are from Celia’s own famous archive, but have been re-imagined, re-scaled and reworked so that they translate perfectly onto the range.

“I loved working with Uniqlo, I find lots of smiling faces, which is very pleasant,” she said. “We have a language actually that relates to each other and that’s been a real pleasure.”

Celia’s iconic prints add an atisan touch to the range. The silk culottes and shorts were the winning pieces for us but with a wide selection of garments in a variety of pretty prints there really is something for everyone.

While I’m here, the Greengate collection is still for sale in-store and has some GORGEOUS things to choose from – check out the link – and I’ve seen some Disney t-shirts still in stock in my local store too!

VIP Treat – Enjoy £5 off when you spend £45 with code UQ5OFF

Where To Buy Clothes?

Christmas is almost here, and I’ve hit a dilemma. I have clothes, just none that fit me any more – they’re all loose. I tried on some jeans today in Dorothy Perkins and found that I’ve dropped quite a few sizes – jeans which used to be a weird fit are now a good fit. I’ve not bought anything (yet!), as I was confused.

I know there’s a discrepancy with all the clothes stores and their sizings, and how on earth am I to know where to start?

THEN I remembered this website – What Size Am I?. It would appear that my size goes well with New Look – I can live with that! Oh, and if I wanted to shop in The Gap I’d probably be a Size 14. LORDY!

Anyway, just passing the link on, as maybe some of you reading may find you’re in a similar position – it’s a great resource!

Peaks Of London Breastfeeding Dresses

I breastfed H for almost two and a half years, and in that time often found myself feeling quite frumpy and wishing I had a bit more style about me. I’ve always been a jeans and t-shirts kind of girl, but there were occasions where I wanted to dress up a bit, and feel a bit more special.

Peaks Of London have some really stylish dresses and tops which fit the bill – and even better, they aren’t the kind of designs you’d stop using once you stop feeding.

All their designs have discreet panels so you can feed easily when you need to, my own personal favourite is the Apron Breastfeeding Dress. At £195 it isn’t cheap, but looking at the design it also isn’t the kind of dress you’d stop wearing once you’ve finished feeding – the stretch is curve-enhancing, while the waist adjusts to your waist size.

Peaks of London supports UK factory mills, every item is manufactured in London, with minimal packaging and not much waste. Check them out, as they’ve said, many people have commented and said “what a lovely outfit” rather than “what a lovely breastfeeding top”.

Find them on Facebook.

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