Where To Buy Clothes?

Christmas is almost here, and I’ve hit a dilemma. I have clothes, just none that fit me any more – they’re all loose. I tried on some jeans today in Dorothy Perkins and found that I’ve dropped quite a few sizes – jeans which used to be a weird fit are now a good fit. I’ve not bought anything (yet!), as I was confused.

I know there’s a discrepancy with all the clothes stores and their sizings, and how on earth am I to know where to start?

THEN I remembered this website – What Size Am I?. It would appear that my size goes well with New Look – I can live with that! Oh, and if I wanted to shop in The Gap I’d probably be a Size 14. LORDY!

Anyway, just passing the link on, as maybe some of you reading may find you’re in a similar position – it’s a great resource!

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