Peaks Of London Breastfeeding Dresses

I breastfed H for almost two and a half years, and in that time often found myself feeling quite frumpy and wishing I had a bit more style about me. I’ve always been a jeans and t-shirts kind of girl, but there were occasions where I wanted to dress up a bit, and feel a bit more special.

Peaks Of London have some really stylish dresses and tops which fit the bill – and even better, they aren’t the kind of designs you’d stop using once you stop feeding.

All their designs have discreet panels so you can feed easily when you need to, my own personal favourite is the Apron¬†Breastfeeding Dress. At ¬£195 it isn’t cheap, but looking at the design it also isn’t the kind of dress you’d stop wearing once you’ve finished feeding – the stretch is curve-enhancing, while the waist adjusts to your waist size.

Peaks of London supports UK factory mills, every item is manufactured in London, with minimal packaging and not much waste. Check them out, as they’ve said, many people have commented and said “what a lovely outfit” rather than “what a lovely breastfeeding top”.

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