Keeping Warm While Watching Football

It’s that time of year, the leaves are falling, nights are getting darker and the days are getting colder. The football season has also started – we’re well into the new season now. As I’m not participating and am just a spectator it’s important I’m keeping warm. After all, warm clothes and standing around watching football seems quite a good match (excuse the pun).

Keeping warm is my mantra when it comes to football matches. It was November 1984 and my first York City game. I didn’t wrap up sensibly, wearing a thin cardigan, a t-shirt and a cagoule for a freezing cold day. By half time I was sat in the Directors Lounge in front of a warm fire waiting for my mum and dad to collect me.

keeping warm JD Williams parka

Shaun thinks I react in an over the top way, but there’s no way I’ll ever go through that again. JD Williams have a good selection of coats online – I love my old Gap parka but the sleeves are frayed. The Snowdonia Jacket is really smart – it keeps me warm and packs down small too. It feels deceptively thin yet is toasty warm. It is exactly what I need for football matches right now when the weather can’t decide how to behave.

keeping warm JD Williams spotty pac a mac

However, some mornings it’s colder and by mid-afternoon sunny. I ordered this Spot Pac A Mac, perfect for mornings when you need keeping warm. It packs into a pouch in the pocket for afternoons when the sun is out and I don’t need a coat. Those unpredictable autumn days!

keeping warm JD Williams boucle jumper

Finally, I chose a Colourblock Boucle Boxy jumper. I liked the pattern and I love the baseball jersey style sleeves. I quite like the back of the jumper has a longer panel. This is handy when you’re at a game and sitting on a cold plastic seat, I like that extra warmth!

The Jacket and Pac A Mac have both fared well with the Autumn showers we’ve had too – and I do like a good hood that stays up.

The three items of clothing are all available now at JD Williams from the women’s winter coats section.

I was sent the three items of clothing for the purpose of review. They were all chosen by me, all opinions are my own. 

Christmas Gift Ideas – The Because I Like Shopping at Uniqlo Edition

My workmate today realised there’s One Whole Month left before we finish for the year. This is a good thing as our section of the office is F R E E Z I N G. We’re all SO cold. Fortunately Uniqlo have their Heattech range and just to taunt me that little bit more there’s a fabulous Orla Kiely range within that. At a bargain £12.90 for each top I had to buy another today – especially as I’m wearing one every day (I have five now, not the same one every day!!) – I do love shopping at Uniqlo!

My problem with Uniqlo when they do a range with a designer I like is that I end up wanting to buy everything. This Orla Kiely range is no different – although only available in v-neck or polo neck (I usually prefer round neck ones).

Orla Kiely at Uniqlo

They also had some of the last Celia Birtwell range reduced – so I picked up a yellow stripe long sleeved top for £7.90

Celia Birtwell at Uniqlo

Those alone, if anyone bought me them for Christmas would make me a very happy lady. They’ve got Fair Isle style knits in store – gloves, hats and scarves, and fleeces of all manner of colours, jackets for this horrid cold weather and really reasonably priced jeans.

I’ve loved Uniqlo for years as I’ve found their clothes to be great quality and my kind of style. I love they’re working with designers and that each range has something most people will like. They’re not too girly and they’re not too plain.

I also love the 10 Gruppen fleece range and sent Shaun out to one of the West End branches to pick me up this fleece, which I’m really pleased with.

Uniqlo 10 Gruppen Fleece

I like quirky and interesting, and always end up clashing my patterns, but fortunately work is SO cold that I have my fleece zipped up all day so nobody ever knows… phew!

Uniqlo are even doing underwear these days. I haven’t bought any yet, but they look pretty comfortable so I’m sure it won’t be much longer… as a footnote, we finally got to the Wimbledon store and bought some of the kids range – and we’re really happy with it – and there’s plenty of Heattech choice there too. I love shopping at Uniqlo!

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