Check Your Car Insurance

Check your car insurance! Following on from the last post about Contents Insurance, we got our car renewal through earlier this week.

Check your car insurance – Shaun did and spotted an error – for some reason when we moved house they didn’t amend the postcode which says where the car would be kept. A quick call and our annual premium has been reduced by £12 a year – not the biggest amount, but considering it hadn’t been done since we moved it has given us a bit of extra money which is a good thing!

It’s one of those small things you wouldn’t think to check, but yet it makes a big difference. It’s something which should have been noticed when we moved, but wasn’t.

So yeah, don’t forget to read the small print. That and check when you change address that your insurance company has done it too.


  1. I see this happen all the time! Most drivers do not read their policy and only assume they have proper coverage. One lady came to me and ask why her insurance was so high? I said, well you have a $50 deductible that could be a reason? And yes, it was it was suppose to be $500.


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