I’m a Fitbug Mum

I’m a Fitbug Mum!

I’m a Fitbug mum and in my quest to stay active, the opportunity came up to try out a Fitbug Air. They currently only work with Apple products (though a Samsung Galaxy compatible version is due soon) so I’m using it with the iPad Mini at the moment and tracking my daily steps.

Fitbug mum

(yes, today so far at nearly midday I have done 59 steps)

As it tends to be with me, I’ve not read the instructions. I’ve registered (which was straightforward) and been wearing the Fitbug Air tracking my steps – missing just two days so far. Of all the pedometers I’ve used this one has stayed on the longest and not fallen off – it’s really securely fixed to the holder.

I know I need to be more active, but actually getting several ‘pink’ days (when you’ve done a good number of steps) is quite encouraging – all that running for the train is paying off! It logs your aerobic steps too which is good. I’m purposely only tracking steps to start with, as I intend to log my activities (it converts your total steps into calories) properly at my Porridge On Tuesday account.

Fitbug mum

What I’m liking the most about being a Fitbug Mum is being able to send the data on my Fitbug Air straight to my iPad using bluetooth – which means everything stays accurate.

At the moment I’m still trying to understand it (yes, I will read the instructions), but nonetheless I’m getting positive results right now. With it having such a good clip to keep it to your waistband I don’t need to hide it in my pocket either.

So yes, here we are – and I am definitely much more active now my back issues aren’t troubling me as much!

I have been sent a Fitbug Air for review, all opinions are mine.

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