Dentyl Active Mouthwash – a Review

I’ve been using Dentyl Active Mouthwash for years now – since I first spotted it on the shelves in the supermarket however long ago that was. It has always appealed to me, mainly as I don’t have many teeth (small mouth!), and the ones I do have are packed together – so I have to regularly floss and make sure they’re looked after.

Dentyl Active has always appealed as you shake the bottle, pour a small cupful and swish it in your mouth – and voila! It does remove some of the yucky stuff in your mouth and around your teeth. I’ve always felt so clean in my mouth afterwards and for quite some time afterwards too.

Dentyl Active Enamel Restore

Dentyl have recently brought out a new variant – Active Enamel Restore. Which does what it says – now whether it’s working is another matter as that kind of thing takes time, but the key things it does are important:

– helps to strengthen tooth enamel by replacing lost minerals
– helps protect enamel against acid erosion
– helps enamel become more resistant to acid attack

Now, back in my day we never used mouthwash, but statistics these days are shocking – young children being admitted to hospital for tooth decay is on the rise let alone adults. Enamel erosion is on the increase thanks to our eating and drinking habits these days, which is where this comes in – Dentyl Active is suitable for children aged 7 and up – as there’s no alcohol in the mouthwash (which generally can’t be used until age 12).

Dentyl Active Enamel Restore also has the ability to lift and absorb 99.9% of oral bacteria according to 2008 US independent laboratory trials, as well as debris like food particles, bacteria and plaque from the mouth.

What else do you need to know about Dentyl Active?

– It’s alcohol-free
– it contains double the fluoride of several other mouthwash brands
– helps fight plaque bacteria
– helps maintain healthy gums
– tastes great and doesn’t sting
– provides long lasting fresh breath
– lifts and absorbs 99.9% of oral bacteria and debris in the mouth

Also, I have sensitive teeth – and have found using Dentyl Active I don’t get a reaction – which is why we’ve used it for so long.

In summary, I’d buy it, it works for me, and I’d recommend it to you!

We were sent a bottle of Dentyl Active for the purpose of review, all opinions are ours.

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