Sponsored Video – Samsung Presents the Monkey Thief

You’re probably wondering what on earth I’m talking about – a monkey thief? Well. There’s a new Samsung Fridge Freezer and it’s got many features that are important these days – as well as keeping energy consumption low.

We rent, but we do own our own fridge freezer (as well as having the landlady’s fridge and freezer too), and while I like it, it’d be nice to have one that’s easily accessible where we can get our food ¬†and drink with hardly any spillage – and Samsung have only gone and created a fridge freezer which has this feature.

Firstly, there’s an Easy Slide shelf which means you can organise your space better and hold all fruit and veg without it being too packed in. There’s also a Full Open Box within the bottom mounted freezer which can be pulled out fully to store and take larger items without losing space (I’m thinking pizza boxes here… I always struggle getting them into the freezer, oh and don’t talk to me about the ice cube tray, the amount of spillages I have when I’m putting the ice cube trays in… sigh)

The Big Guard door shelf also fits big and tall bottles – the amount of times we’d have bottles in our fridge door which have to lie horizontally, not making the best of what little space there is (and again, more spillage).

In the freezer there’s a CoolSelect zone which you can control the temperature of, and the MoistFresh zone which controls air circulation to keep the humidity to store vegetables and fruit for a long time.

But don’t let me bore you with fridge freezer talk – there’s an ad, and it’s quirky – check it out…

So if you did happen to buy one of these Samsung Fridge Freezers, keep an eye out for monkeys, but be safe in the knowledge that whatever happens, your food will be fresh…

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