Easy Lunchtime Quesadillas

Easy lunchtime quesadillas are just that – easy. We don’t do difficult here.

Easy lunchtime quesadillas are something we like. They’re quick, straightforward and simple and quick to make. We did a vegetable quesadilla a while back and today as we started to run out of food we did an even simpler one,

You need :

wraps – we had a pack of six small ones
cheese  – any will do
salsa or passata  – depending on how much spice your child likes
a large frying pan  – to warm them up

easy lunchtime quesadillas

Simply put the salsa or passata on the wrap, and top with cheese – it doesn’t need to be neat, but keep it away from the very edge.

Place another wrap on top and try to make sure the mixture doesn’t squash out – the cheese will melt a bit and you don’t want melted cheese all over your frying pan.

easy lunchtime quesadillas

Place onto a non-stick frying pan (no oil needed – keep shuffling it like you would a pancake) and heat through well until the cheese has melted which is usually less than a minute.

Serve with carrot and cucumber sticks and whatever dips you have handy. We had hummous and it was yummy!

easy lunchtime quesadillas

We think easy lunchtime quesadillas made the perfect quick summertime lunch. They took minimal time to prepare and they cooled down quickly which was handy as we didn’t have a lot of time.

Nutritional information – we used Weight Watchers Wraps and cheese, using one and a half slices of cheese and two wraps, keeping the overall calories down. Passata has zero points too.

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