H Starts School Soon

In September H will start in reception, properly starting school for the first time. Tonight we had our first visit to her classroom to meet staff and have a look around and get to know other parents. As luck would have it I recognised a few which has made everything feel much more reassuring.

So the next thing we need to think about is school uniform. Gulp. Four years old and in uniform… I had a look in the shops near work, mainly as I wanted to see what was available but also I want to check what the sizing is like. ¬†All my local shops in Wandsworth FAIL! I tried Sainsburys (who to be fair are having a refit, so have removed all clothes), Next (order online only, which I’ll happily do if I know they fit), H&M (some polo shirts and some skirts but not much, and really only bigger sizes) and Primark (“sorry, we have nothing in at the moment”).

What do people do when they need to buy emergency school clothes at this time of year then?!


As it was, advice on Instagram said M&S who are also doing 20% off for the rest of this week. Yesterday H and I went to our local one in Sutton and took a load of clothes into the changing room. She loved doing the dressing up and I looked at my grown up baby about to head into the world of school for the next fourteen years. Asda also had a range in, though not a huge amount – good prices though.

So right now I have uniform basics in – polo shirts, dresses, skirts and trousers. I need sports things, shoes, school-branded sweatshirts and tights.. then we’re done. Then it will be time.

My nerves are frazzled though things are slowly calming down. Roll on September, I think we’re nearly ready… what am I going to forget? What did you forget? Please share!

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  1. The dress is adorable! She looks lovely. I think for many families it is more nerve wracking for the parents than the child.


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