H’s Tooth – An Update

Last Friday we had our hospital appointment, in the Children’s Dentistry section of our local hospital. After a check up (and being told all of H’s teeth are in excellent condition) we were sent for an x-ray which H did with no fuss at all – she quite enjoyed it and wasn’t at all bothered – I think she found the top she had to wear funny, and indeed the one daddy wore hilarious (only one parent could go into the room so I waited outside).

Once the x-rays were processed (it’s all digital these days) we were sent back to Dentistry with a number on our slip of paper, the consultant called us in and confirmed that H will need an extraction. One of the really interesting things was seeing her grown up teeth formed and waiting to come through – she’s going to have good teeth!

The Consultant suggested the extraction should be done with just a local anaesthetic rather than general – this is by far the best option for us, mainly as it doesn’t involve fasting beforehand or taking a day off work – just an afternoon instead! If H doesn’t like it and won’t keep still then we will need to re-book and have a general, but we were reassured that H will be fine.

I was pleased we got an appointment just three and a half weeks later – and I’m especially pleased it’s a week after her last nursery photo, so she’ll still have two front teeth on that!

Get Well Soon Cbeebies

So, onwards… these next three weeks are going to fly by so now we’ve just got to prepare her. At the weekend I was chatting with an old friend who recommended the Cbeebies programme ‘Get Well Soon’. We haven’t watched it before but I had heard of it, so headed to the BBC iPlayer which has it on demand – the episode is about injections, many of which H has already had, so we watched it and found it fun – while it doesn’t deal with going to the dentist it’s still showing how important it is and how it doesn’t hurt.

Anyway, onwards.. I’m so proud of my little girl and how she’s just getting on with it – I think it’s worse for us parents!

(the first post about the tooth)


    1. thank you! I really hope so too – just over two weeks now, her poor tooth is looking so dark these days – though at least it isn’t hurting!


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