I Bought an Ice Cream Maker

Lidl are currently selling one for £19.99 and after seeing the recipes from ScottishMum I rushed out and bought one. I’ve not had time to try it out yet but Shaun did, making the easiest recipe in the book, banana ice cream  and it’s delicious.

Actually, one thing I’ve found already with the ice cream maker, you need to think well ahead if you want some – the bowl to make it has to be chilled for 24 hours, and the mixture itself needs to be prepped four hours before you plan to eat it. Shaun said it was quite runny when it was finished (but was fine after some extra freezer time) so if you include that then I’d give it some extra time to be on the safe side again.

So over the coming weeks we’re going to try some ice cream recipes – which means we’re now in control of what goes into H’s ice cream and we have plenty of fresh fruit at home most of the time. I know we’ll definitely try out the strawberry recipe!

The ice cream makers are in store now – don’t leave it too long as it’s a good price.

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