It’s a Dog’s Life in Disney’s Superbia

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From January, fans of Superbia, the popular online game for kids and tweens themed around hit Disney Channel shows, will be able to adopt and care for their own virtual cats and dogs, chosen from a range on offer in a brand new Pet Shop. Superbia has experienced a record breaking launch, with one million players logging in since it launched in February.

Whether or not tweens receive a pet this Christmas, they will be able to practice caring for one in Superbia, where pets’ happiness depends on how clean, well fed and nurtured they are. Players will be able to buy a range of toys and accessories for their pets, and spend time grooming them. In return their pets can be entered into special competitions to win prizes for their owners, or be sent on missions to dig up treasure.

Boel Ferguson, Vice President & General Manager, Disney Channels and Disney Online UK & Ireland, commented:
“We know it’s been a dream come true for many Disney Channel viewers to get the chance to move into Superbia and live side-by-side with characters from their favourite shows. Now, as well as dressing up and making friends, players can visit the Pet Shop and practice caring for animals. What better place to teach kids how important that is, when they’ll be directly rewarded by their happy, well nurtured pets with hidden treasure and competition prizes!”

Disney Channel LogoLaunched in February 2011 and based on the hugely popular Disney Channel Italy game Fun and Friends, Superbia is a colourful virtual world of Disney-inspired places, from the Austin & Ally music store to the Shake It Up dance studio. Following a record-breaking launch, a million players have moved into town, creating their own Disney Channel persona, dressing up, shopping and decorating their new virtual homes. Superbia residents are guided through the game by their new neighbours, Ella and Max who help them to complete quests to unlock new rooms and content.

Players can make friends with each other, send gifts and emoticon messages and visit and ‘like’ other people’s rooms, in a safe environment with no free text chat, or display or exchange of personal information, giving parents complete peace of mind.

Superbia is the latest addition to Disney’s successful raft of digital environments – which includes BAFTA-nominated Club Penguin.

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