What On Earth Is Aussiemite?

I was in my local Waitrose on Thursday and got to my favourite yeast extract section (I have a fine selection of Marmite, often referred to as ‘the archive’ in the cupboard, as well as Vegemite to keep Shaun happy), when I stumbled across a classy looking tub of the black stuff; Aussiemite.


I’ve never heard of it, so had to buy it for that reason alone, primarily for Shaun to try out and share his opinion, but also because I bet he’d never heard of it either, and well, he’s Australian you know – I like to help him feel less homesick.

It’s quite pricey – £5 (where Marmite and Vegemite are much cheaper), but needs must so off I trotted to the till and duly paid.

So – the taste test. It reminded me of Promite (which I’ve not yet been able to find in the UK) – a fruitier taste than Marmite, and less dull than Vegemite (I’m not a fan, though the song is good) – if you can afford it, I’d recommend you try it.

The big plus points? It’s GM-free, gluten-free and vegetarian too – also the nutritional information is identical to Marmite and Vegemite. (I’m not so sure about the website’s claim about Australia pioneering yeast based spreads, as Marmite came first, I thought? So Vegemite was a response? But that’s me thinking too much) Anyway, more importantly of all, Aussiemite is Australian-family owned and they want it to stay that way. Aussiemite has been sold in independent shops down under for around ten years, and was relaunched last year as a gourmet spread. It’s also not to be confused with a new spread launched by Dick Smith last year, for the record. Okay?

Anyway, it’s available over here now in all Waitrose and Selfridges stores so I’m officially going to declare it posh. It’s pretty yummy too, and gets the thumbs up from us – could it be the middle ground in the battle of the yeast extract in our house?


      1. nice, get it, ‘archive’ is a great way hide the goodies you’ll be eating later. would love to know how the aussiemite goes down as i can’t get it in my part of town (but hear good things). Best


        1. Ha, I’ll probably never eat it 🙂

          Or take it to Oz with me if we move there… that’ll go down well.

          Aussiemite is good – it’s got a good aftertaste to it, and I’d recommend – hopefully they’ll get into other supermarkets soon!


          1. Ha, I’m not an expert, but I reckon people won’t hear about it unless there’s more supermarkets on board – that or a good advertising campaign. I spotted it because I needed to buy more Marmite and Vegemite and it was out there alongside them – so at the moment it’s all word of mouth. Actually, getting shops like Holland and Barrett and the health food side would be interesting, as the other spreads are so mainstream – but Aussiemite are saying they’re gourmet, and I’m not sure how gourmet most health food stores are!

            I’m happy I can get it easily, and I hope anyone else can – as it does seem to be a word of mouth thing at the moment.

          2. good point about the gourmet – if i was to walk into a supermarket and ask them to stock Aussiemite because… what reason should i give – what makes it better than the others? (I’ll say you told me!)

          3. Ha, are you working for them?

            Well… I’d think most supermarkets wouldn’t be interested as Head Office controls so much, but if you got into places like Budgens (where they stock locally sourced things and interesting foods – there’s a great one up at Muswell Hill for example, they’re the sort of places who would probably support it. In fact, I think they’d be perfect!

          4. I’d like to work with them, i spent many years developing fair trade and local brands – i know budgens in belsize park, good call, but i’m just trying to figure out what makes someone like you start writing about it… suddenly got the urge for some toast… any other thoughts let me know

          5. Heh, okay!

            To me, it jumped out on the shelf as something different – we’re a properly divided Marmite-Vegemite house, I can’t stand the V-word (I think it’s bland and tasteless), and saw this so tried it out with curiosity – then did some googling and realised it was so new there wasn’t much out there about it – and I wanted to know more.

            Shaun’s been over here since 2001 so missed the Australia launch, but even when we stayed in Perth a couple of years ago we never spotted it (as we’d have bought some to try – though did try a weird Marmite and Promite last time we were there).

            I love savoury things too, and I have to say (and this is the sad bit) I got a bit excited about Aussiemite as I’d never heard of it, Shaun hadn’t, and we both liked it – it was the middle ground in the great yeast spread battles in our house 🙂

            Which reminds me, must do a Waitrose trip today!

            I like they’re not involved with the bigger corporations too, and have a good background – I’m definitely doing more looking at what we eat and what can be changed (although tend to shop with Waitrose/Ocado anyway who are good with that) – drop me an email if you want to chat any more, am happy to talk!

  1. We’re helping out, good to see monopolies open up to let the family businesses in. Hope you agree. Hope you agree and would 100%LOVE your support, this is a roots up thing.


    1. excellent! Count us in – we’re on our second jar at home now, it’s proving very popular.

      That’s great news!!


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