It’s National Picnic Week

Did you know it is National Picnic Week this week? That’s the 17th to 23rd June – and Higgidy are taking all picnic matters very seriously indeed.

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Firstly, there’s a competition over on their website to win a picnic hamper (there are 250 winners each week) and secondly, they’ve made available a limited edition Balsamic Onion and Mature Cheddar Quiche. Now, at this point I should be telling you all about it, but our local Sainsburys didn’t stock it. However, they do have the Spinach, feta and Roasted Red Pepper variety so we chose that for our picnic tea tonight.

Our Higgidy Picnic

See, the weather (apart from yesterday) is being so unpredictable again – I had plans for a picnic at Painshill Park on Saturday but it was threatening to rain (it didn’t). So instead we planned an indoor picnic this evening – the spirit of a picnic is there, it’s just a bit more contained.

So we had the Higgidy Quiche which didn’t need any cooking and was just served as-is, some Quorn cocktail sausages and some Quorn Scotch Eggs. Add to that a salad, some salsa and a few nachos and a tub of olives and we were ready! A balsamic dressing on the salad and we were ready!

Our Higgidy Picnic

H enjoyed it, and to be honest, I enjoy picnic food – helping yourself to what you want rather than being served your meal – we had fun, and if the weather could just improve a little bit that would be great!

As an aside, we love Higgidy as a company – their pies, slices and quiches are all made by people rather than machines, they care about the animal welfare behind their meat and eggs, they care about what they cook and they believe in pricing their food fairly. Oh, and we think they’re pretty yummy too!

We’re going to try out some of Camilla’s recipes from the website, and I’m determined we’ll have a picnic one day soon! This also means we’ll be doing a follow-up with a review of the food we’ve cooked, as well as finding one of the Balsamic Onion and Mature Cheddar quiches – that’s unless you’ve all gone out and bought them all already…

Our Higgidy Picnic

We have been supplied with vouchers to buy the quiche – all opinions are our own

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