It’s Nearly June, We Still Have Easter Eggs

So I did the sensible thing any mother would do with her three year old. We made a mixture of rice krispie and raisin chocolate cakes.

Firstly, break up your chocolate in a bowl.¬†We had three eggs. (yes, I know. H doesn’t eat much chocolate so we tend to keep it in the cupboard where it gets forgotten about)


Secondly, melt the easter eggs by placing the bowl over a pan of hot water and stir continuously.


Thirdly, add rice krispies and raisins, keep stirring and when they’re covered remove the bowl from the hot water.

Fourthly, leave your child to scoop the mixture into bun cases while you take lots of photos of her stuffing her face and licking the spoon and licking her fingers.


Fifthly, eat them later on once you’ve let them set in the fridge for a bit.

Works for me, anyway…!

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