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I was approached late last year to review a Jord Wood Watch. I’m the kind of person who is allergic to most watches, so hasn’t really worn one for a long time – but a wooden watch? I was intrigued. Mostly as I wanted to find out exactly what a wooden watch actually looks like!

Jord Wood Watch packaging

Jord Wood Watches are US based, and approached me last year to see if I’d like to review one of their watches. I have a nickel allergy so haven’t worn a watch for years. My Jord Wood Watch is a lovely sturdy one – and it is lasting well. I’ve used it daily and it shows little sign of any wear and tear – especially on the glass face.

When my Jord Wood Watch arrived, I was impressed with the packaging. It’s presented in a stylish way – complete with a wooden tag and little cushion for it to rest on.

The main test of time would be wearing it constantly. At work I’m finding I do take the watch off as I wear it on my mouse hand as the clasp rubs against my wrist, no allergic reaction, that’s just because of the way I sit at work.

I like that the watch is bigger – while it’s a Women’s watch, it has a bit more ‘bulk’ to it – it doesn’t look dainty, it has a good colour and style, and I’ve had comments from people admiring it.

jord wood watch back

The clasp on the back is a very simple one – both sides clip into the middle and are released by pressing a button – you can see on the picture above. I did remove the blue protective plastic, but it does help show how it works. So far it has been nice and strong and hasn’t popped open at unexpected moments, so that’s good. In fact, the only unexpected thing which has happened is H popping it open – it seems it’s quite appealing for a five year old – so it’s wearing well!

I was sent the Fieldcrest Jord Wood Watch – you can find more information about it over here.  It is designed to be a classic midsize watch, and I feel like it’s the perfect size for me.

Jord have many different designs of watch, so don’t rule them out – and especially don’t if you have a nickel allergy like me – six months later and still no reactions which is amazing! The only exposed bit of metal is on the clasp at the back – the other side of the watch face has a wooden back – and it’s usually there where I have the reaction.

Jord Wood Watch

I found my watch was a little bit big, but it was easy enough to remove one of the links from the band (as long as you have some tiny screwdrivers!) – though you can now get your watch custom-sized by Jord before despatch.

I think the true test of how impressed I am with the watch is that I’m still wearing it six months on, I haven’t had a reaction to it, and the face of the watch doesn’t have a single scratch – and there has been plenty of times I thought it might. At around £60ish with the exchange rate, this is a watch which is built to last.

You can find Jord Wood Watches over here – as well as on Instagram where loads of people are uploading their watches.

I received a watch for the purpose of review, all opinions are my own.

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