Lots Going on at Hatchlands Park

Hatchlands Park has a Sylvanian Families trail, free for kids. H did it and enjoyed it – but remember to take a pen! It’s fun and informative – and gave us a walk through a different area of Hatchlands too. It’s very suitable for little ones too – nice paths though a few trip hazards – but lots of fun!

Hatchlands Park Sylvanian Families trail

The bluebell woods are in full bloom too – Hatchlands Park is famous for the bluebells, and they never disappoint.

hatchlands park bluebells

Best of all though, Hatchlands Park has fairy doors in some trees – there are seven in all. We found five – and it was a good distraction for H who was feeling tired and hungry at this point – expect more to appear at random times!

Hatchlands Park Fairy Doors

“I don’t believe in fairies, apart from the Tooth Fairy” my five and a half year old told me. She still tried to have a look behind the doors – so there’s still some magic there.

A quick play in an empty field with H’s boomerang, and a wander around the grounds, before making our way to the play area with plenty of things to play and balance on, and H was pretty tired.

hatchlands park

Hatchlands Park was rammed when we went – but we luckily managed to find a parking space. I think a lot was due to it being the Bank Holiday, but also I think the fire at Clandon Park just up the road contributed to the numbers. The Sylvanian Family trail was quick, and follows the one track but was well suited for H. The bluebell woods have several pathways to take (hint – the ones along the bottom have the fairy doors, but the best bluebell views are on the longer pathway).

The pony trekking was there again too – but again we didn’t get a chance – next time – we’ll always go back to Hatchlands!

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  1. What a lovely looking place to visit. the fairy doors are magical. I really want Nick to make some for the trees in our Fairy garden and the carved Tree is really rather splendid. Things like this make any trail so much more interesting for kids to walk. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.


  2. We Love Hatchlings too! We’re actually popping down there tomorrow to see all the bluebells x Such a shame about Clandon Park 🙁 Looks like you had a great time! #CountryKids


  3. I’ve been meaning to visit here for a while and now I have seen this trail my daughter will love a visit.
    I think I will wait until the bluebells are gone then hopefully the crowds will die down!! #countrykids


  4. Fairy doors? Bluebells? We didn’t see any of that yesterday! Oooops – looks like we’ll be going back again soon then!


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