Mia Tui iPhone/iPod Purse

Mia Tui iPhone/iPod purse

Okay, so the most irresistable offer landed in my Twitter feed on Monday from that wicked Rachel lady (you know the one, she persuaded me to buy bags – she’s always right, and is very wise, she knows me too well!) – Mia Tui are selling their iPod/iPhone cases for £5 – they’re normally £12.99.

I bought myself a new iPod Touch for my birthday, and got a lovely retro cassette type case for it – but it didn’t feel completely protected, and I’m not 100% happy with it – how I wish I’d bought this from the start. It’s the perfect size, but most importantly of all, now iPod Touch players have a camera, there’s a correctly positioned hole, so I’ll never need to take it out of the holder!

Mia Tui iPhone/iPod purse

inside the purse, with iPod Touch inside!

There’s a suitably sized gap at the bottom to recharge it, and there’s also space for three cards and receipts I’ll no doubt pick up along the way – and if I really wanted to pose I could pretend I’ve got an iPhone (well quite frankly anything would be better than my current Sony Ericsson Experia X8 right now…).

I bought the black case which matches my Mia Tui bags perfectly and once again I’m impressed with the quick delivery, and the fantastic price – so another huge thumbs up from me – my iPod is really well protected.

If you do go for the purse, don’t forget I’ve a Mia Tui code you can use for your first order!


    1. they’re very good – nice and sturdy and you can put cards in too – I like how I can clip it into my bag as well so I don’t accidentally leave it on a train seat somewhere or something!!


    1. This is perfect for my work bag – nice and sturdy, as the other case I got was so retro but flimsy! I loooove Mia Tui 🙂


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