Moba Moses Baskets

Moba UKHow cool are these? I love the colours, and they’re so much more interesting than your average moses basket! Moba are set to launch in the UK in Summer 2012.

The Moba Moses Basket has been updated to suit modern standards of quality and safety – and is a safe and cosy place for your baby to sleep.

It’s designed and made in the UK and cleverly combines a contemporary, ergonomic design with practicality. It’s extremely chic, eco-friendly, hygienic, fully ventilated and very light to carry (which is pretty important in those early days).

Moba Moses Basket

Because it’s made from smooth recyclable material with special soft touch handles, the Moba is tough, safe and very durable and is built to last. It also comes with additional safety features to maximize air flow and breathability – and comes with a recommended retail price of £89.99.

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