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I thought I wasn’t a handbag kind of girl, I really did. However, I’m also not twenty five any more, and carting around a record bag for my daily needs Does Not Always Work.

I’ve been on the lookout for a new bag – the old Boots freebie one served it’s purpose up until H was toilet trained (touch wood…), so a new bag was needed – we didn’t need two (ie, one with my things and one with H’s) – but I hadn’t found a bag which fitted the bill…

Then there was The Baby Show. I went with Rachel, and let me tell you, Rachel is a lady of many bags – many many bags. She’s going to be the Mum Friendly official bag lady (argh, how else to word it!) and will be sharing what she knows very soon. She persuaded me I needed to have a good look at the Mia Tui ‘Grace’ bag – but also there was a fabulous deal to get an ‘Amelie’ bag for free with it.

You know what? It’s a handbag, but it’s right up my street. I like how it’s described as Mia Tui’s own messenger bag, and that’s what drew me to it – but then – ohh then – inside – the space! Now from the outside this bag looks like a regular one, but inside you’ve space for a bottle, you’ve space for wipes, I can fit a spare change of clothes for H in there, snacks – oh and some of my things too – and it’s perfect, completely and utterly perfect. Obviously I bought one there and then – and I’ve been using it since.


The Amelie bag is something altogether more great (oh my, the space), and something I’ll let Rachel write about when she gets a chance – but right now I wanted to share some Mia Tui love. I’ve signed up to the Mia Tui loyalty scheme – which means as a recommended friend of Mum Friendly, you’ll get a 10% discount from your first order.

Shall I gush a little more about the Grace bag? Well, as you may be aware we’re toilet training – and the bag comes with a set of charms on the side of it. Several times now I’ve gone to the loo with H, and she’s done that old favourite of trying to open the cubicle door when I’m doing my business – the charms are a fantastic distraction! So while it’s purpose was never meant to be that, it’s spared my dignity, and for that I love it even more.

There’s an elasticated strap inside – I’ve used it to fasten my purse in there (a Mia Tui one, of course!) so it’s always easy to get to – though you can use it for keys – anything like that really. You also get a changing mat and a clear PVC bag for baby bits. Oh, and there’s also a co-ordinating clutch for personal items. Seriously, it’s great – it’s got everything you’d want and even more – and given my history with back troubles, I can pack enough and it’s barely heavy on my back!

Oh, and did I mention, it’s waterproof inside and out?

Read about Charlotte and how she started the company – and what’s more the bags are made in good working conditions which Charlotte has overseen.

We love Mia Tui! Do I need to convince you more? Do I need to send Rachel your way?

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  1. Hi, I’ve just started selling pre-packed Mia Tui bags for expectant mums.
    I’m using the award winning Minnie Amelie, which makes a great change bag too!
    The bag contains all you need for your newborns arrival. I’m not doing a mum bag yet as I feel mums like to take there own specific brands of toiletries etc.
    Any feedback is welcome, good or bad!
    My website is or on Facebook, search Babacinobags
    Thanks, Lisa 🙂


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