My Buggy Buddy Lock

We’ve had a My Buggy Buddy Lock for a while now – I was lucky enough to win one when Hippychick did a competition – and we’ve used it a lot.

The My Buggy BuddyDSC_0598-300x199 Lock came about as a way to lock your buggy – using a security code you assign yourself – but it can also double up as a bag clip.

This is also where we had our first problem – I forgot my code! After searching around the internet to see if there was a way to re-set the lock, I found a phone number for Paul from My Buggy Buddy – one of the owners. (actually, they’re both called Paul, and have proper jobs as well as making all these excellent things)

Ends up, this isn’t a problem at all – My Buggy Buddy has an amazing lifetime guarantee – and they’ll happily replace it for you!

As luck would have it, our lock was just a bit stiff, and after some careful pulling, it opened – but I thought with such an excellent guarantee it needed to be shared.

My Buggy Buddy costs just £8.99 and can be bought direct from their site.

Oh, and while I’m here, check out their buggy weights, bottle holder and buggy clip – they’re really good value too!

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