Moshi Monsters The Movie

Coming to a cinema in the UK and Ireland this December is Moshi Monsters The Movie.

Moshi Monsters The Movie

Moshi Monsters The Movie is the long-awaited full length monsterific adventure featuring the Moshi Monsters. H has a nice little collection building, and likes to do swaps with her cousin so I know we’ll be there.

Moshi Monsters The Movie is released on December 20th. The animated feature will see the six lead monsters (Katsuma, Luvli, Diavlo, Furi, Zommer and Poppet) travel across the weird and wonderful world of Moshi on a fun-filled, roar-some adventure.

The film will see the monsters in a race against time to collect the ransom for an ancient and extremely rare Moshling egg that has been stolen by the evil Dr Strangeglove. With Katsuma and Poppet (H’s favourite) at the helm, the monsters learn that both Monsters and Moshlings can overcome big odds when they stand together.

“We’re excited to launch the first ever Moshi Monsters movie,” said Michael Acton Smith, CEO and creator of Moshi Monsters. “This is our first foray into movies and Universal brings the expertise needed to ensure the best possible success. We can’t wait for Moshi to hit the big screen!”

With over 80 million registered users to date, it’s no surprise the wonderful world of Moshi Monsters is taking the leap into movies, after occupying the entertainment franchise with best-selling toys, books, video games and the best-selling monthly kids’ magazine in the UK. We attended their 5th Birthday Party at their offices and wow – what a fantastic place! I can appreciate Moshi Monsters – there’s a LOT out there a child might want, but it also has an educational element to it, as well as fun!

The animated feature, which is currently in production, is produced by the Moshi creators, Mind Candy.

We can’t wait!!!

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  1. If there are any parents out there, not familiar with all things Moshi, I would certainly advise going on the main Moshi website. This will at least help with knowing the ‘characters’ in time for the movie release.


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