Moshi Monsters – The Movie

Today H was treated to a film of her choice (last Christmas it was Tinkerbell). She opted for Moshi Monsters The Movie as I suspected she would. Here’s our thoughts…

Moshi Monsters The Movie

Moshi Monsters The Movie was witten about on here earlier this year, and we’ve been looking forward to seeing it since. For H it was everything she wanted. The film contains mild peril which wasn’t Finding-Nemo-style scary, but I’d pre-warned H in case it was. For the 80 or so minutes the film ran she had a big happy smile on her face and plenty of questions to ask at the end.

If your child likes Moshi Monsters, chances are they’ll love the film. It’s certified a U so a fairly safe bet.

The plot. There’s a Moshling Egg which Buster Bumblechops has in his possession (as he is Monstro City’s biggest Moshling collector), which goes on display at his house. However, the evil Dr Strangeglove steals it, and it’s up to Katsuma and Poppet to get it back, accompanied by some of the other Moshi Monsters.

Of course, it being a kids movie there’s a happy ending, yet another egg is discovered so there’s a chance of a sequel, maybe? Who can say, it has only been on release for a few days…

There’s plenty of songs in there, and there seemed to be several happy kids in the cinema too.

Moshi Monsters Movie

Our post-film thoughts. I got it, followed it and was able to explain to H where she was confused. The main thing she was stuck on was why the baddies were left at the end, and what happened to them. Shaun was confused by the whole plot, though may have fallen asleep at some point (most expensive sleep he’s had since Tinkerbell, I think…). H thought it was brilliant and loved that Poppet and Luvli both featured (her two favourites) and asked several times why Poppet was sad (this was Mr Snoodle related). Shaun felt there were too many characters involved, which I’d disagree with, so I think a basic knowledge of the monsters is needed.

If your child loves the Moshi Monsters, then Moshi Monsters The Movie is definitely for them – in all good cinemas now!

Official website We booked our tickets on the Vue website, where we were given a special code for an exclusive Vue Moshling which can be redeemed at the official Moshi Monsters site. We’ve also discovered an iPad App we hadn’t come across before which we’ll be having a look at over Christmas…

Moshi Monsters The Movie

Coming to a cinema in the UK and Ireland this December is Moshi Monsters The Movie.

Moshi Monsters The Movie

Moshi Monsters The Movie is the long-awaited full length monsterific adventure featuring the Moshi Monsters. H has a nice little collection building, and likes to do swaps with her cousin so I know we’ll be there.

Moshi Monsters The Movie is released on December 20th. The animated feature will see the six lead monsters (Katsuma, Luvli, Diavlo, Furi, Zommer and Poppet) travel across the weird and wonderful world of Moshi on a fun-filled, roar-some adventure.

The film will see the monsters in a race against time to collect the ransom for an ancient and extremely rare Moshling egg that has been stolen by the evil Dr Strangeglove. With Katsuma and Poppet (H’s favourite) at the helm, the monsters learn that both Monsters and Moshlings can overcome big odds when they stand together.

“We’re excited to launch the first ever Moshi Monsters movie,” said Michael Acton Smith, CEO and creator of Moshi Monsters. “This is our first foray into movies and Universal brings the expertise needed to ensure the best possible success. We can’t wait for Moshi to hit the big screen!”

With over 80 million registered users to date, it’s no surprise the wonderful world of Moshi Monsters is taking the leap into movies, after occupying the entertainment franchise with best-selling toys, books, video games and the best-selling monthly kids’ magazine in the UK. We attended their 5th Birthday Party at their offices and wow – what a fantastic place! I can appreciate Moshi Monsters – there’s a LOT out there a child might want, but it also has an educational element to it, as well as fun!

The animated feature, which is currently in production, is produced by the Moshi creators, Mind Candy.

We can’t wait!!!

Specsavers and Moshi Monsters

Specsavers have just announced a brand new Moshi Monsters range in their glasses in-store, featuring some of the favourite popular monsters!

ALL the way from Monstro City, kids’ favourite Moshi Monsters™ Furi, Poppet, Diavlo, Zommer, Luvli and Katsuma are appearing on their very own range of glasses. Specsavers was our destination last Saturday – H had her new prescription so we needed to order a new pair where we spotted their fine selection in-store.

Moshi Monsters Glasses at Specsavers

Available exclusively at Specsavers, the selection of eight styles for boys and girls are priced at £64, or free with an NHS voucher.

In true Moshi style the designs include a mixture of materials and eye-popping colours. Fans will also receive a free Rox token with every Moshi frame purchased to redeem on along with stickers and balloons. Our local Specsavers had Moshi masks in stock which was a nice touch – they made sure H got one as well!

Moshi Monsters Glasses at Specsavers

With over 80 million registered users across the globe, parents will no doubt be familiar with A virtual world in which kids can adopt, customise and nurture their very own pet monster. Kids can also collect Moshlings (pets for their monsters), send safe messages to friends, play games, complete educational puzzles, share artwork, customise their rooms and much more!

Luella Cristofoletto, Specsavers’ frame buyer, says: ‘I’m a mother as well and so I know how much of a phenomenon Moshi Monsters really are! Now children can have their favourite Moshlings with them wherever they are. Plus it’s another great way to show younger specs wearers that glasses can be fun. I’m sure there will be a few jealous non-specs wearing fans as well!’

Moshi Monsters Glasses at Specsavers

All frames in the range come fitted with SuperTough Trivex lenses as standard. Trivex is impact-resistant, lightweight, hard-coated and also offers 100 per cent UV protection.

Current Specsavers offers for under 16s include Kids Go Free, with eye examination free and frames in the £64 and £85 ranges free with an NHS voucher. Children choosing frames from the £64 range can also choose a second pair at £32. And for a limited period children can choose a free pair of prescription sunglasses when they choose a pair of glasses from the £64 range.

Check here for the full range of Moshi Monsters at Specsavers!