Specsavers and Moshi Monsters

Specsavers have just announced a brand new Moshi Monsters range in their glasses in-store, featuring some of the favourite popular monsters!

ALL the way from Monstro City, kids’ favourite Moshi Monsters™ Furi, Poppet, Diavlo, Zommer, Luvli and Katsuma are appearing on their very own range of glasses. Specsavers was our destination last Saturday – H had her new prescription so we needed to order a new pair where we spotted their fine selection in-store.

Moshi Monsters Glasses at Specsavers

Available exclusively at Specsavers, the selection of eight styles for boys and girls are priced at £64, or free with an NHS voucher.

In true Moshi style the designs include a mixture of materials and eye-popping colours. Fans will also receive a free Rox token with every Moshi frame purchased to redeem on MoshiMonsters.com along with stickers and balloons. Our local Specsavers had Moshi masks in stock which was a nice touch – they made sure H got one as well!

Moshi Monsters Glasses at Specsavers

With over 80 million registered users across the globe, parents will no doubt be familiar with MoshiMonsters.com. A virtual world in which kids can adopt, customise and nurture their very own pet monster. Kids can also collect Moshlings (pets for their monsters), send safe messages to friends, play games, complete educational puzzles, share artwork, customise their rooms and much more!

Luella Cristofoletto, Specsavers’ frame buyer, says: ‘I’m a mother as well and so I know how much of a phenomenon Moshi Monsters really are! Now children can have their favourite Moshlings with them wherever they are. Plus it’s another great way to show younger specs wearers that glasses can be fun. I’m sure there will be a few jealous non-specs wearing fans as well!’

Moshi Monsters Glasses at Specsavers

All frames in the range come fitted with SuperTough Trivex lenses as standard. Trivex is impact-resistant, lightweight, hard-coated and also offers 100 per cent UV protection.

Current Specsavers offers for under 16s include Kids Go Free, with eye examination free and frames in the £64 and £85 ranges free with an NHS voucher. Children choosing frames from the £64 range can also choose a second pair at £32. And for a limited period children can choose a free pair of prescription sunglasses when they choose a pair of glasses from the £64 range.

Check here for the full range of Moshi Monsters at Specsavers!


  1. Had my first eye test in Specsavers Wallington in June. Love the staff… can’t stand the manager.

    Specsavers made an error with my order, they sent my old contact lense prescription to me. Wasn’t a problem as I took them back to store to be changed. They then sent me my new prescription but with the wrong lenses, agh!! Took them back, the staff were helpful but the manager was so rude to me, no apologies and made it out to be my fault and something that couldn’t be changed. Even when the staff tried to explain it was specsavers error he was having none of it, was such a nightmare (his name is Anton btw). Have a good mind to change to another branch just to avoid him!

    Have been with a variety of other branches over the years and have never had a problem before and always had excellent service previously.


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