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Jack the Giant Slayer is a film I’ve wanted to see as it’s a remake of the two traditional stories Jack and the Beanstalk and Jack the Giant Killer (a film I watched every year when I was young when it was shown on Christmas Day – check that link for the trailer, seeing the giant on there still scares me – despite it being the least scary giant ever, serious 1970s flashback moment)

magic beans

We all know the Jack and the Beanstalk story, but the other story is lesser known. In Jack The Giant Slayer, Jack (Nicholas Hoult) is given beans, the beanstalk grows as you’d expect, but the other story’s elements are a little more violent, giving this film a 12 rating.

Princess Isabelle happens to be in Jack’s house when the beanstalk grows, taking her up to the land where the giants live, so Jack and the King’s men all climb up the beanstalk to find her. Ewan McGregor is the military commander in charge, Ian McShane is the king. Bill Nighy plays the part of the two-headed leader of the giants, Fallon – just one of the heads though. Ewan Bremner appears as one of the Kings men too.

There’s plenty of giants eating humans, you don’t see a lot but it’s implied. Ewan McGregor almost becomes a sausage roll and there’s plenty of ‘fee fi fo fum’s in there too – which originated in Jack the Giant Killer and has evolved through the years (as you’ll hear at the end of the film).

I found the film enjoyable, grim (the picking nose bit made my stomach turn!) and one of those ones you enjoy watching. It’s 109 minutes long, and is out now. Here’s the link at Warner Bros for more information

Jack The Giant Slayer

We were sent a DVD with some beans for the purpose of review, all opinions are our own. No beanstalks have yet grown, nor giants harmed.

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