Sammy’s Great Escape Review – Movie Night

Sammy’s Great Escape was released on DVD this week, and we’ve been sent a copy to review. I saw the trailer for this when we went to a kids morning show at the cinema, so we knew this would be suitable for H – the certificate is U – Contains mild threat.

If you were to compare it to a film in feel, Finding Nemo is the closest reference – the main characters are separated from their family and have to get home – but don’t compare the two – Sammy’s Great Escape is a follow-up to A Turtles Tale – Sammy’s Adventure (which we haven’t seen). It’s a Belgian/American animation and was in cinemas last year.

Sammy's Great Escape

So, the plot – Sammy and Ray are looking after the new leatherback hatchlings, who are attacked by seagulls who want the hatchlings for food. In their rush to escape they’re split up, with Sammy and Ray left with Ricky and Ella – two hatchlings – who are captured by poachers and taken to an aquarium where they try to escape.

We liked the music! It features Rachid Taha’s cover of ‘Rock the Casbah’ (Taha claims the song was inspired by The Clash hearing a demo he handed to them in the early eighties) as well as the B52’s ‘Rock Lobster’.

H really enjoyed Sammy’s Great Escape – she’s less scared of things these days so spent more time laughing and enjoying things than asking questions – the scary bits weren’t too bad and didn’t trouble her. She does have a great reaction when she’s quietly urging someone to swim faster though, which amused me!

Sammy’s Great Escape has a total running time of an hour and 33 minutes and comes with UV – you get a code with your DVD, so it can be watched across portable devices (we use it on the iPad with Flixster).

We were sent the DVD for review, all opinions are our own! 

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