Play Date

Last night I made a new discovery via Brooklynvegan – a band Play Date who play the kind of music that doesn’t drive you mad, in fact its proper indie – and aimed at kids!

Play Date

Do you want to hear some? All you have to do is like their page on Facebook and you get access to five songs; ‘Rad’, ‘Anyone Can Sing’, ‘Imagination’, ‘The Number Song’ and ‘Dance Like A Monster’. It’s all fun guitar pop and catchy enough that children like H will get dancing (and hopefully it’ll start her on the way to realising there’s music outside the mainstream). At times the harmonies remind me of bands like The New Pornographers (least appropriate band t-shirt to wear at a Children’s Centre EVER – note to self), and it’s all good.

There’s some YouTube goodness here –

Play Date are Bouncing Souls frontman Greg Attonito and his wife Shanti Wintergate who have recorded an album of children’s music  ‘Imagination’, due on October 9 via Fun Fun Records (who I already love as they say they’re putting out Kindie Rock). Fun Fun Records started as Mike felt that there wasn’t a label out there putting Kid Friendly music out – and most of the bands he knew had become parents and wanted to make music that would appeal to their children. As they say “The idea is to keep the DIY PUNK ethics intact while providing quality and educational music for our kids.”

Play Date

Go and check them out!

There’s also a free Fun Fun Records sampler over here.

Play Date’s page at Fun Fun Records

Play Date’s Facebook page

I received a link to download Play Date’s album, all opinions are my own. I have received more download links to feature other Fun Fun artists, so keep an eye out! 

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