Project 365 Week 10

Almost a fifth of the way through the year, and there’s plenty to write about.

Sunday 1st March. We had a gloriously sunny day, so headed out to Ham House, stopping by Teddington Lock on the way home, as it was just up the road. My Great Aunt and Uncle lived in Teddington, and throughout the seventies and eighties we’d stay with them when we visited London – and a walk to the lock was always a part of it. It was nice to introduce H to another part of my childhood. Weirdly, we never went to Ham House, something we’ve only done a couple of times in the last four or five years. We were also going out as we couldn’t watch the League Cup Final on tv, what with not owning any Sky channels. Probably for the best, considering the result.

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Monday 2nd March. A good post day. I had a bit of a dilemma, as we wanted to see Big Hero 6 at the cinema, though most tickets worked out around £30 which is way too much for a film. Then I realised it was being released on DVD in the US a day or so later. We ended up going, spending £24 and another tenner on snacks. Honestly, I love going to the cinema and seeing the latest films, but I really resent paying so much money on it all. I still bought the DVD, which is hidden under the stairs for our next Movie Night.

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Tuesday 3rd March. Stupidly busy day. I had a meeting at Google first thing, which meant I got to see some of London’s sights, as well as getting off at the new Tottenham Court Road station. That made me a bit sad though. As I headed down the second escalator to the tube, I was almost certain I was going through the old stage of the Astoria 2, which was underneath the Astoria. Two great London venues gone, with the 12 Bar soon to follow. I resent London and the way it’s taking away important parts of my past, leaving crappy venues (like Koko – why won’t someone take that one down? Awful place.). Anyway, I also saw Battersea Power Station with just the three chimneys.

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Wednesday 4th March. Part of letting go of the fact you know you’ll never have another child is getting rid of things. We’ve sold the buggy and I didn’t cry. Now we’ve got the clothes down from the loft. It’s a horribly blurry picture, but you get the idea of how much there is. To think the money spent on all these clothes and they’re used for such a short time. So I’m working through batches, selling and giving them away. She’s only five and a half. I’ve already given away one bag of clothes, with two more that I’m getting ready. We’re going to keep anything which means something (like H’s Joy Division babygro and her skeleton one), and the rest needs to go. We need the space. I want to sell things to raise enough to buy a small trampoline for our back yard.

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Thursday 5th March. It is no secret my favourite film is The Sound of Music. I have seen it on the stage more times than I can remember, and I’ve watched the film (and the German ones) even more times. We went to Salzburg for our first wedding anniversary. It’s a huge part of my life and something I’ve grown up with. Obviously I’m passing that obsession on to H. (though so far it has been “oh! It’s the music from that advert!”) It’s the 50th Anniversary this year, and I asked a favour of a friend whose husband works for Sony. He came up trumps! I’m hoping for lots of Sound of Music related birthday gifts (and I don’t care if I get them months later), as I obviously need a 50th Anniversary DVD – I’ve got the 35th, 40th and 45th, got to keep it going, right?

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Friday 6th March. Book Character Day. Our school never tends to do the dress up on World Book Day which is fine as it gives me a day more to panic. Luckily this year we had two definite ideas – Annie and Shrinking Violet. In the end Shrinking Violet wasn’t practical – I was going to have H take a Lottie Doll into school with her, dressed similarly. However, I bought her an Annie style dress in the Next Sale. We have a Party shop near work which sells Annie costumes, but no wig seperately. The closest I could get was the bright orange one she’s wearing. Luckily she loved it, though became really self-conscious of it on the way in to school. By the parade at the end of the day she had it on again, and did us both proud. So here’s Little Orphan Annie. Next year I’m going to keep it simple and she can be Hermione from Harry Potter – she’s got the hair for it.

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Saturday 7th March. A gloriously sunny day! Washing on the line and tidying up around the house. Starting to go through more baby things and maternity things and get rid. When we needed to play the Hungry Caterpillar Outdoor Chalks came out and we drew a little town in our yard. H was happy enough – she could drive around wherever she needed to. Simple outdoor play when you don’t want to go far but need to get outside anyway.

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