Project 365 – Week 32

Sunday 2nd August. I had plans, so many plans. They fell by the wayside as the cold which had been threatening to knock me over, finally did. So I spent the majority of the day in bed while H went to her best friends’ party. It wasn’t much fun at all being home on my own. I lost my voice too.

survival kit when you have a cold

Monday 3rd August. Which meant I took today off work. Too tired and my throat was puffed up so it hurt to speak. Although being at home alone actually helped as I had nobody to talk to, so my voice was almost back to normal by the end of the day. I still had to do important things like pick H up from school. Her first topic next term is castles, so we decided to make her box garden into a castle – quite easy when you have 7″ squares and kitchen roll holders and don’t have to think too hard about stuff. Phew.

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Tuesday 4th August. H is at holiday club over the summer, so gets to have trips every now and then. Today’s was Build a Bear. They always have the two bears as choice, so I asked if it was okay to give a bit of extra money for her to choose a different one. That was fine, so she came back with a monkey. The monkey “does not look like Fran Kirby” I was reliably informed, and is now called “Harry Kane”. I’m not sure Mr Kane would appreciate being told he looks like a monkey, and I’m not about to argue with a five year old. She’s saving her money to buy Harry Kane an England shirt! 

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Wednesday 5th August. H made me “take a selfie” – I had no idea she even knew what one was. Possibly something she’s picked up at Holiday Club….


Thursday 6th August. We’re reviewing some Bic pens, and I’ve claimed these ones for my own personal use at work. Add that to the Smiggle highlighter which rubs out, and I’ve got a pretty good pen collection which nobody had better try get their grubby hands on! Yes, I have considered getting a safe for my stationery on my desk.

bic coloured ink pens

Friday 7th August. We had a playdate after school today, and had butter beans with a delicious mild curry sauce – really good too. I could have happily eaten the entire bowl – as could H!

curried butter beans

Saturday 8th August. H went off for the day and night on a sleepover, so Shaun and I went to the pub and had beer and stonebaked pizza. A good day!

jo pub

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  1. Looks like a good week, apart from the cold at the start of it. What a fun holiday club trip to build a bear! I laughed at you getting all protective of your stationery – I’m just the same!


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