Project 365 Week 37

Sunday 6th September. H’s late birthday party. They watched The Lego Movie then we played some party games afterwards. It was a surprisingly low-maintenance party, although exhausting – especially as I hadn’t really planned it well. H’s Lego cake was marvellous though. Look!

H's Lego birthday cake

Monday 7th September. H went into school dressed as a knight for their topic this term. I made the costume from a t-shirt, cut the sleeves off and sewed up the sleeves a bit, added a purple emblem to the front and a purple ribbon around the waist. The final touch was a chain mail type hat we picked up from Pendennis Castle and her sparkly tights which made good chainmail leggings!

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Tuesday 8th September. I think I forgot to take a photo today. Weird. Wednesday 9th September. The new Storytime magazine arrived today – can’t believe it’s Issue 13 already. My mum has bought H another year’s subscription for her birthday – and considering H got a copy of The Secret Garden and recognises it from Storytime, I know we need to keep going. This month’s issue has The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe inside, and I wish I still had my old copy.

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Thursday 10th September. Cheating to make Vol au Vents, as inspired by Flora from Bake Off. Chocolate vol au vents work in the same way crumpets and ice cream do – yum.

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Friday 11th September. Making the aforementioned vol au vents.

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Saturday 12th September. A good start to the day, H and her friends were approached about our local football club setting up an Under 8’s Girl’s Team, and would our girls be interested (yes! yes! yes!!!), followed by us getting home, changing football kits and heading out to a football party for the afternoon. My copy of the Bernard Sumner book arrived and so I’m looking forward to settling down to actually read it.

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