Project 365 – Week 50

Sunday 6th December. Father Christmas at Chessington today Рwith a handful of rides open and their Zoo Days in full swing, we headed there a couple of hours beforehand, had enough to do and had fun at Santa. It was quick but not rushed.

Santa Chessington

Monday 7th December. Christmas Radio Times!! H is super excited as there are FOUR David Walliams programmes on based on his books which makes her really happy.

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Tuesday 8th December. I cannot remember anything about today nor find a photo.

Wednesday 9th December. One of H’s Christmas presents. See, I grew up with Peanuts and she isn’t. So now she can. Properly. She did say to me that she wanted my 1970s Snoopy, which I refuse to let her have. “oh well, I’ll get it when you die anyway, so it’ll be mine one day!” she sweetly replied.¬†

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Thursday 10th December. We took the day off work, visited H’s new school (very impressed) and went to her Year 2 Christmas show. She was a shepherd which should be easy, but I’m so bogged down with everything at the moment that my only option was buying a costume, which I did thanks to a local buy and sell page. Phew. Here she is.

H school Christmas

Friday 11th December. Catching up with my Lindt Chocolate Advent Calendar.

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Saturday 12th December. We were sent some goodies by Disney for The Good Dinosaur – a blog post is coming very soon!

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