Project 365 – Week 51

Sunday 13th December. We went shopping in Epsom to get H’s friends their Christmas presents and spent the morning writing Christmas cards. We found a shop and bought H a replacement Mood Ring, as she lost hers when we went on holiday in August. Apparently I’m relaxed and calm here.

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Monday 14th December. I was given a bottle of champagne at work which is a Very Good Thing indeed. It is currently chilling in the fridge, ready for Christmas!

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Tuesday 15th December. I was invited out for a payday lunch at the lovely Doukan in Wandsworth Town near work. It’s a wonderful Moroccan place, and I treated myself to a large glass of Moroccan wine, plus a Falafel Burger and a Chocolate Tart. £25 altogether, and just for me! I didn’t photograph my food as I’ve surrendered to the rubbishness of my camera phone, however, I did photograph Wandsworth Town station as I do like the way you feel almost level with the hill as you look up Alma Road.

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Wednesday 16th December. Ha. So I thought I hadn’t taken any photos today, but it would appear H has – on my phone. A few selfies – oh, and a video. She makes me smile, this was a treat.

H selfie

Thursday 17th December. I’ve finished work for the year! So I had a day rushing around doing stuff, picking up H from school and then rushing out to knitting. H and her friends had a quick playdate here after school and played Annie. H was Miss Hannigan. This is the result. Yes, that is a Hannah Montana wig – we have never seen it, my mum bought it for H a couple of years ago.

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Friday 18th December. School’s out! H announced yesterday she doesn’t want to go to her infants school any more and wants to move up to the juniors now – given she was quite worried about it up until we went to the school fair last Saturday, I think it’s fair to say she’s looking forward to it now! So the last Christmas at her current school, and of course Christmas Jumper day.

H christmas Jumper day

Saturday 19th December. Quite how Saturday has come around so quickly I’m not sure, but we headed to what will be our last football lesson of the year at Carshalton Athletic with H’s pal, and then had a lazy afternoon watching Paddington. This is Shaun and H at the football – a surprisingly warm day.

H and Shaun after football

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