Review and Giveaway – Prima Princessa presents The Nutcracker

We were sent a DVD of ‘The Nutcracker’ aimed at bringing ballet to young girls (and boys) and to help them try it out themselves at home.

Now, we’ve never had ballet lessons with H – I was a failed ballerina (I got as far as almost being on stage when I was nine) though I don’t remember any of the specifics.

H practising her balletThe DVD breaks each section of the story up into four or five parts – and after each section you work with the Prima Princessa Ballerinas to learn the key moves – nothing too taxing and perfect for your little one to want to join in. Given H is quite shy and waits a few times to try things, it was her usual reaction – she wanted to watch the DVD and the children dancing, but not join in. I was hit with a genius idea of finding an old swirly lolly and telling her she could be the sugar plum fairy, which did the trick, and we’ve since found her practicing all the moves from the DVD on her own in the room!

H practising her balletOne thing I would say, while it’s very girly based, boys do feature – though it is very much targeted towards girls – so if you have a boy who enjoys ballet it may be a bit girly. But the contents themselves are ones you can learn with (I know the difference between a saute and a glisse now)

The DVD has extras too which we’ve not had time to watch properly (she’s too obsessed with the sugar plum fairy right now), but I’d say if you wanted to gently bring ballet into your little one’s life, this is a great place to start. We’ll never make our local classes due to having other commitments, so it’s nice for her to try this out and an even bigger bonus she likes it too!

AND! We have a copy to give away! This is limited to entrants from the UK only please, and is your chance to win one copy of Prima Princessa Presents The Nutcracker on DVD.

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  1. Sleeping beauty in the new Sleeping Beauty! We are going to see it in November at the Manchester Opera House!


  2. I’d be a tree, part of the scenery that didn’t move whatsoever 😉 That just about sums up my ability to dance!


  3. Me in a ballet hahahahahahaha, a comedy one maybe, like shrek, but my daughter would be centre stage and very graceful as Sleeping beauty.


  4. M is currently obsessed with ballet. We have to watch the nutcracker and swan lake videos on youtube daily right now. I blame the Angelina Ballerina books. Anyway she would love to be one of the Flowers from the Waltz of the Flowers in Nutcracker. We haven’t gone to a class yet, since I can’t find one that fits into our schedule, but she’s keen and this DVD sounds ideal.


  5. My little girl who is 3 recently did a ballet show and got a bit of stage fright she stood totally still the whole time so i think she would have to be a statue or something he he bless her



  6. My three year old would be the woodcutter from Red Riding Hood as he has a plastic axe that he loves to wave around and can spin on his toes with the best of them!


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