Smooth-tastically Scrumptious Stuff

Sorry, appalling title there. So, its Wednesday, my day off work and H and I have already decided we’re doing nothing all day apart from our swimming lesson – it’s officially a lazy day. Or at least, a lazy day for a three-year old who can’t cook (yet).

A pile of fruitSo, you have a pile of fruit. A Morphy Richards Soup Maker. Milk. Although no ice cream (despite being promised some vouchers to get some… sob!), but we’ll get by.

Peeled bananas and satsumasSo the bananas were peeled and put into the maker. I asked H what she’d like with her bananas, and she said ‘oranges’. We have satsumas so I thought they’d do.

Milk addedAdd milk – we only had skimmed open.

BlendingReplace the lid and hit the blend option, and two minutes later you have this.

The end resultActually, it didn’t taste great. Orange and banana don’t work as well as I’d hoped. H left hers too… I think it needs a spot of work. Also, some banana didn’t blend, and needed to be done by hand instead.

Does anyone have any good suggestions for future smoothies out there? Or even suggestions for good cupboard ingredients that might help them taste a bit more interesting? Let me know!

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