Cbeebies – The Album – A Giveaway

Cbeebies - The AlbumWay back in the summer, my friend at Demon asked me which songs I thought should go onto a Cbeebies compilation, and I excitedly bombarded him with emails of songs I thought of which hadn’t been on many (if any) of the compilations we’ve got. Alas, it looks like they couldn’t get the ‘Roll up your sleeves’ song from ‘I Can Cook’ (which would have been the best thing ever) but a big huge hurrah, as this new compilation – released today – has the Cbeebies presenters songs included for the first time  – something these compilations have been missing for a while.

Oh, and MoMo’s song from ‘Show Me Show Me’ too! In fact, it’s got pretty much every current Cbeebies character’s song, so you too can dance around the room in a crazy manner to the Yacki song from Baby Jake. or just the Tree Fu Tom theme instead. Or a little bit of bopping around the room to the sounds of Rastamouse, perhaps?

Here’s the full tracklist:

Disc One
1. Justin’s House – Theme Tune
2. Baby Jake – The Yacki Song
3. Iconicles – Theme Tune
4. Rastamouse – Give It Up For Da Easy Crew
5. Abadas – My Name Is…
6. Mike The Knight – Theme Tune
7. Mr Bloom’s Nursery – Meet The Veggies
8. Gigglebiz – Theme Tune
9. In the Night Garden… – Theme Tune
10. Big And Small – Theme Tune
11. Timmy Time – Theme Tune
12. Everything’s Rosie – Theme Tune
13. Woolly & Tig – Theme Tune (I Love Woolly)
14. Andy’s Wild Adventures – Theme Tune
15. Grandpa In My Pocket – Boom A Boom Whoop Zing Zoo
16. Tweenies – Theme Tune (Hey Hey Are You Ready To Play?)
17. Alphablocks – Theme Tune
18. Cloud Babies – Theme Tune
19. Tree Fu Tom – Theme Tune
20. Something Special – Theme Tune (Hello Song)
21. CBeebies Presenters – Summer Song
22. CBeebies Presenters – Goodbye Sun, Hello Moon
23. CBeebies Presenters – Winter Song
24. CBeebies Presenters – The Big Fun Time Song
25. CBeebies Presenters – Christmas Song

 Disc Two.
1. Rastamouse – Hot Hot Hot
2. Abadas – Medley (Abadas Song / Let’s Play / I Found The Word / Goodbye Song)
3. The Lingo Show – Theme Tune
4. Show Me Show Me – Momo’s Song
5. Mike The Knight – Huzzah For Glendragon
6. Raa Raa The Noisy Lion – Theme Tune
7. 64 Zoo Lane – Theme Tune
8. Charlie & Lola – Bestest In The Barn
9. Postman Pat – Special Delivery Service Theme
10. Num Tums – Theme Tune
11. Zingzillas – Do You Didgeridoo
12. Guess with Jess – Theme Tune
13. Tinga Tinga Tales – Theme Tune
14. Balamory – Theme Tune
15. Mr Bloom’s Nursery – The Finale Song
16. Big Barn Farm – Theme Tune
17. Mister Maker – I’m A Shape
18. Waybuloo – Time For Yogo
19. 3rd And Bird – Theme Tune
20. Nina and the Neurons – Go Engineering Song
21. CBeebies Presenters – It’s The Weekend
22. CBeebies Presenters – The Discovery Song
23. CBeebies Presenters – Lunchtime Song
24. CBeebies Presenters – The Birthday Song
25. CBeebies Presenters – The Time Has Come to Say Goodnight (2012 Version)

So see, you get loads there! It’s all really ace, anyway. EVEN better than that, I have a copy to give away! Just follow the Rafflecopter instructions and maybe, just maybe this bundle of Cbeebies goodness will be on its way to you, just in time for Christmas….

The competition will finish on the 18th November, and is limited to UK entrants only. Good luck!
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  1. I like the Summer song, they filmed the video in Scarborough, where we holiday, and I sang it all the time to Flynn, who waited til the end and cheered everytime!


  2. my little girl likes tinga tinga tales, she loves singing it, however just asked her she said “Lucy bedtimes story” (no idea)


  3. My 3 year old adores Mr Tumble so the theme tune from Something Special would be my choice.


  4. It’s already on there – Meet the Veggies! My fav! It may have something to do with a certain Mr Bloom though ;D


  5. My little boy would love Teddington’s Song from Show Me Show Me (actually I think he’d be quite happy with an album of songs just from Show Me Show Me but he’d love this one too)


  6. Can I have super Martian robot girl! No? Um. Well then I choose the Playaway theme because I am old and daft.


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