BritMums Weightwatchers Back2Best Challenge – Week 7.

I know I said I wouldn’t update unless something interesting or spectacular happened*. Well in my eyes, something has. Or at least, should be. Or maybe our scales really are broken.

See, you’re not meant to weigh yourself really other than on your weigh-in day – but I did a sneaky one on Saturday morning, when I came in a whole 5lbs less than last week – so given I’d put on 2lbs, this puts me right back on track. Gobsmackingly so.

But, I must follow my own rules, so I duly weighed in this morning, and it’s now 4lbs! But still a good loss and I’m delighted. (this may also be my problem with sabotaging things I do well with to make them less good, or in other words we went to Pizza Express for tea last night before the fireworks – dough balls with garlic butter = 10 points. Sob) I barely touched the ‘overdraft’ until yesterday too.

I don’t even remember the last time I weighed this amount.

BUT – there’s something even more significant about this. I’ve made my target! This means I’ve set myself another target as it’s all about maintaining the weightloss rather than going “woo! I’m thinner, now I can eat badly again” – ¬†as I’m still overweight – I could really use to lose another 8lb to be a healthy weight and BMI. But still – WOO!

People are commenting and noticing and it’s really nice – I kind of forget now, it’s like my eating plan is habit more than resenting what I’m doing (which I don’t, as there’s plenty of substitute foods I can eat when I need some chocolate, crisps or bread) – and I can still have a night out at Pizza Express and enjoy myself (and not feel bloated afterwards). So yeah, woo! Me!

The soup maker is definitely helping too, we’ve had soup and stews – and today we may have time to make smoothies too, they all taste much fresher and yummy than if I was to over-boil them in a pan, and I’m stuffed every time. I’ve also had two days off sick from work this week due to getting really run down and losing my voice – which in turn may have helped the weightloss… who knows..

WeightWatchers Back2Best Challenge with BritMums

I’ve been given six months of WeightWatchers Membership for the purpose of these writeups, all opinions are my own, and I bought the Soup Maker myself with my hard-earned pennies.

* not necessarily in those words


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