Souptastically Soup Time

Well I said I’d share my soup recipes. Today I picked up a bag of Sainsburys Casserole Vegetables and some low salt vegetable bouillon. (pardon the photos, they’re from the iPod Touch)

Casserole in the Soup Maker

Tonight was one of those late nights getting home from picking up H – we finally made it through the door at 5.45 – so I went straight to my Morphy Richards Soup Maker as I fancied a kind of soupy casserole – I didn’t have time to chop the vegetables so put them all into the container; topped up the water to the maximum then added four teaspoons of the low salt bouillon. I also sprinkled in some paprika, although Shaun reckons it wouldn’t make a difference.

Ready to Cook...

I set the Soup Maker onto the chunky setting so the vegetables were left – and 28 minutes later our casserole-y thing was ready (and I got all that time with H I wouldn’t normally have!). I also made some brown rice to go with it.

So, the casserole-y vegetables were done, tasted good, but I felt needed a bit of chopping. So I replaced the lid of the Soup Maker and pressed the ‘blend’ button for about three seconds. Went to look again, and what was a kind of casserole was a soup – so those blades are good and sharp in there.

In the end I put the brown rice in bowls and added the soup mix on top – and H loved it! WeightWatchers wise it works out at around 4 points – the rice was around 40g (2 points) and the vegetables also came in at 2 points thanks to there being potato included. If you were to be less lazy and do it properly, you could get that right down.

My Casserole-y Soup

We added bread as the soup was quite hot, so points-wise I reckon this was 5 – and it’s really filling too – and really quick to prepare when you can’t be bothered to chop up your vegetables after a long day at work.

I suspect the next recipe will be pumpkin/butternut squash based, due to having loads of both…. any recommendations?

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