Nourish Radiance Moisturiser

Okay, so, a month or so ago there was a Fudgy Bear Teddy Bears Picnic at Foyles in West London (more to come on Fudgy very very soon), and us lucky mums got a goody bag at the end. Within said bag was a moisturiser – from the new Nourish range – some Nourish Balance.Nourish Balance

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a sucker for any kind of beauty product (cast your cursor back to Christmas time when I subscribed to Glossybox, Boudoir Prive AND Carmine’s beauty boxes), and will always try it out in the quest to keep my (pretty good, even though I say it myself) skin looking youthful.

Firstly, I loved the packaging – nice and simple, but enough that it has a good identity – it’s the kind of packaging you’d spot if you were looking for it in a shop. Secondly, the moisturiser had a separate plastic lid, so your cream doesn’t leak out onto the lid – the amount of times a lid has come open and leaked all over my bag… so this was a big thumbs up too.

Relax Nourish Skin RangeSo then, the actual cream. I was using my Olay Moisturiser in the mornings, so used this one in the evenings. At first I was unsure – a cream that smelt of apple? But actually, it works. It’s a really lovely subtle scent, and a while later I’ve rubbed my skin and smelt it again (and ooh, it’s good) – I do tend to react to creams if there’s too much going on, so I’m pleased to report this went on lovely, and stayed on lovely with zero irritation on my skin.

I didn’t want to gush too much until I’d read up a bit more about Nourish, and it’s all good – despite it not saying anywhere on the website, I’ve had it confirmed they’re definitely not tested on animals which is a huge plus point. Each tub has a 24 month shelf life, so you’ve got lots which will last a long time as well.

Nourish was designed as a natural, anti-ageing skin care range that is perfect for core skin care needs (Nature) but also helps you optimise your skin around the life you lead (Nurture)

We know that our skin changes and elasticity declines over time. Skin is our first protection barrier. As we age it begins to fail and lose efficiency. Our modern lifestyle produces chemicals at a rate faster than our skin can accept. Skin damage is caused by inflammation from everyday exposure to environmental and physiological stresses. These cause the production of damaging free radicals.

The way our skin looks and ages is most influenced by two factors: skin type and lifestyle

Choose your Nourish daily routine based on your skin type (Nature) and then supplement it using additional products from the other ranges to fit your personal lifestyle influences (Nurture)

Nourish Protect RangeDry skin – Nourish Protect
Sensitive skin – Nourish Relax
Combination skin – Nourish Balance
Mature skin – Nourish Radiance


Nourish can be found here
and on Facebook over here

Olay Total Effects Sensitive Moisturiser

I received and have dished out samples of the Olay Total Effects Moisturiser as part of the SuperSavvyMummys Savvy Circle projects – and have been using the moisturiser daily now for a good month. Back in my younger days I used Oil of Ulay a lot, so the chance to try out another Olay product (as they’re now known) was too good to miss – I’m pleased I’ve had a try – while it doesn’t feel as light as the one I’ve used previously, I’m still impressed – and my skin feels lovely.

The Savvy Circle projects are proving to be quite fun – you get samples, you dish them out and you talk about them – so, what’s to learn?

Olay’s Total Effects Sensitive moisturiser is lovely although I have to admit, in this colder weather I like my moisturisers thicker and feeling like they’re still on my face by lunchtime (a la E45) – so I was unsure how I’d get on with this one – but actually, on applying I could still tell for a while afterwards – and my skin has looked great since I started using it.nd light to apply – and comes with a pump which so far has been no trouble at all (I’ll be interested to see how it fares with the last bits of cream in the bottom of the tub) as far as applying goes. I received a 30ml tube which will retail for around £13.29 (the 50ml one will retail at around £19.29) – and am already finding you only need a small amount and it goes a long way.

Olay Total Effects Sensitive Moisturiser

Total Effects Sensitive Moisturiser contains the following – VitaNacin (a unique complex of Vitamin B3, Pro-Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E) which strengthen, hydrates and soothes, and protects. The lotion is also SPF 15 UVA/UVB – in other words it protects your skin from the sun’s harmful rays – handy to know now the sun is creeping back into everyday life again. (hello spring!) As well as this it contains Sea Buckthorn Berry which has been used by herbalists for thousands of years – and contains sources of Omegas 3, 6 and 9 as well as some Omega 7, and white tea which helps promote radiant skin and has been used in Chinese medicine for years. Add to that some glycerin, some cocoa butter and olive extract and some calming allantoin and that’s your lot!

The cream is designed to fight the seven signs of ageing, but also meeting the needs of sensitive skin. Do you want to know what they are? I was more than a little curious at almost 42…. that’ll be age spots, pores, dryness, dullness, uneven tone, uneven texture, fine lines and wrinkles. Yep, I’m in!

Olay Total Effects Sensitive Moisturiser is available in all good stores now!

Bonjour Jolie Boudoir Glossybox

I went a bit Christmas crazy. I’d always set it in my head I’d do two Boudoir Privé subscriptions, and then two Carmine ones (box is due to arrive next week, alas), then Glossybox went and spoilt it by letting me know I could get their Christmas box at a reduced price… so I went for it. Five beauty boxes in two months is probably overdoing it, but hey.

Joliebox December

Add to that Boudoir Privé are now Joliebox, having merged with the french company, so there’s extra more goodies this month to celebrate this – and they didn’t disappoint. My first Glossybox arrived this morning and I was really happy again with what I received.

Glossybox December

Will I keep up these subscriptions? Probably not, I now have lots of lovely new makeup to keep me going for a long time – it was a great treat and something I might dip in and out of. I like how with Glossybox you can still order a box once it’s been released, whereas with Joliebox you only have the one chance. Carmine also seem to follow the same route as Glossybox which is nice.

Joliebox December

So, what did I get? My Joliebox had some lovely things in it – some OPI Gold Shatter Nail Lacquer (which I’m currently wearing on its own and amazingly it hasn’t chipped yet!), Mitchell and Peach Shower Wash (not tried yet, but it smells good – it smells of flowery gardens), a New CID Cosmetics i-gloss (hurrah! A lipgloss with the mirror and light on it, I like this brand!), Jane Iredale 24-Karat Gold Dust (once I’d sussed it out, it’s a nice shimmer powder – which you can also put in your hair!), Yon-Ka Vital Defens – a nice cream (which helps preserve youthfulness, which quite frankly I do like). There were also bonuses – some Kusmi Detox Tea (had I gone to my work Christmas Do, this would be needed this morning, but oh, it smells so good) and a Joliebox concealer brush (which I can’t wait to try out).

Glossybox December

Glossybox had some lovely things too – a Blink + Go Hi-Definition Mascara (full sized
too which is good as I needed a new one), Cargo Cosmetics – Classic Lip Gloss (I’ve had
so many lip glosses now I might save this one or give it away – this is a good colour though, more me, darker shade ‘morocco’), Deborah Lippmann Razzle Dazzle Mini Nail Varnish and Stripped to Go sachet (oh this is a loooovely colour, a really deep deep red, and I love the idea of a polish remover in a mitt, with one mitt doing all ten fingers – though I bet it’s quite costly), Jurlique Age Defying Ultra Firm and Lift Cream (a 5ml sample which I’ll be trying today, which apparently helps regenerate new skin cells), and finally a Rituals Foaming Shower Gel (full size too, Organic Rice Milk and Cherry Blossom).

I’ve really enjoyed receiving boxes of things I wouldn’t normally buy, or wouldn’t know where to start looking. It’s felt like a nice pamper without having to do too much. As I’m a working mum I spend a lot more time on my daughter than myself, so this was a nice treat, even if it was quite pricey. I love that Joliebox included tea in their box (and it smells amazing) – although they’re at crazy prices on their site, so I’m sticking with Teapigs… for now.

Carmine Beauty Box

Okay, so after getting my first Boudoir Privé box last weekend, I went a bit crazy and had a look around at other boxes out there – Carmine offer a discount for the first box, I knew I’d get the November one (only the second one they’ve done) which looked kind of interesting, so I went for it – and it arrived this morning.

Inside there’s some good samples, and definitely things I’d think about using.

• Lulu’s Time Bomb – Flashback Night Cream. Yep – Lulu – this is described as a ‘extremely powerful anti-ageing time machine’ – and while my love of Dr Who kind of went when Christopher Eccleston left, I’m willing to give this a go.
• New CID – iPout Lipstick – okay, another lipstick. H looked in horror when I said I had one, while I looked on in amazement at the really simple idea of building in a mirror – and get this – a light too, for when you apply it. Brilliant!!
P1040414-300x225• Dainty Doll – Eyeliner Pencil. Oh yes, it’s Nicola Roberts of Girls Aloud’s makeup range which made me feel a bit young, but actually, it applies really nicely, and I can see myself using it a fair bit – in a nice browny shade too.
• Neom Organics – Real Luxury Body Lotion – apparently an equivalent to fine chocolates and champagne, my very dry skin liked it, although I think I probably need some more… packed with the smells of lavender, jasmine, basil and more – smells gooood.
• Cosmetics A La Carte – Brow Ink. Okay, this one is the one I’m liking the look of the most – a semi-permanent ink where you can draw in eyebrows and not accidentally wipe them off. I’ll let you in to a secret – when I was about thirteen my sister threw a swingball bat at my head (I kept winning), and it split a section of skin open on my eyebrow – it’s never been the same, and always looked odd on photos. This could give me proper eyebrows again! So I’ll definitely be using it. It can also be used as a liner – I would definitely buy this.


Anyway, without trying to compare the two boxes too much, I’d say right now Carmine appears to be more my kind of thing, I’m definitely going to get another box of each to see what’s on offer for December (some perfume please, or a good concealer!) – now if only someone would start doing a Mummy Box…

Boudoir Privé

I decided that as I’ve been putting a little bit of cash away each month in a Christmas Club, part of my treat for myself would be to subscribe to the Boudoir Privé Monthly Beauty Box. I’m not big on fashion (as anyone who knows me can tell), though I do like my fancy makeup. I’m a creature of habit, quite happily stuck in my Clarins land, though do like to try other things, and quite frankly, I deserve a treat – it hasn’t been the greatest year. This was also inspired by Mummy vs Work, and her review of Glossybox.

Boudoir Privé

I did weigh up whether I’d be a Boudoir Privé or a Glossybox kind of girl, and after reading lots of reviews, I think as I’m a bit older, BP may be more me. We’ll see… You pay £10 a month (though this price has now gone up to include postage & packing), and you get a box full of surprises each month.

Boudoir Privé box



My first box has just arrived – and ooh, it’s all in the presentation! It’s small enough the postman brings it (rather than a van), even though it wont fit through the letterbox.  It’s packaged in a good strong outer card box, with a pretty pink inner, all lovingly wrapped and sealed with a card and ribbon, with information (and prices) on the samples you’ve received.

This month’s box contained Dead Sea Spa Magic – Silky Smooth Body Lotion 50ml, Korres Wild Rose 24 Hour Moisturiser 10ml, Rahua Voluminous Shampoo and Conditioner (two 10ml & 8ml sachets in a nice organza bag), Vinies Ayurveda’s Soul Luminous Skin Mask (two 15gm pots) and Studiomakeup’s Rich Hydration Lipstick 4g (full sized!).

Boudoir Privé goodies


On the card you’ve prices to buy this stuff – and the lipstick alone is £12.25. Given the box was £10, I’ve already gained… (the skin mask is £32.85 for 40gm – crazy prices, potentially I’ll have amazing skin!) – these are properly lovely cosmetics, a treat, and something I’ll be making sure I save for a good pamper occasion (rather than just everyday).

Boudoir Privé

I’m really looking forward to next months box – these aren’t brands I’d be splashing out on normally so I’m quite enjoying this treat…. would I buy these after sampling them? If they’re comparable in price and quality to my Clarins love-in, then maybe..