Nourish Radiance Moisturiser

Okay, so, a month or so ago there was a Fudgy Bear Teddy Bears Picnic at Foyles in West London (more to come on Fudgy very very soon), and us lucky mums got a goody bag at the end. Within said bag was a moisturiser – from the new Nourish range – some Nourish Balance.Nourish Balance

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a sucker for any kind of beauty product (cast your cursor back to Christmas time when I subscribed to Glossybox, Boudoir Prive AND Carmine’s beauty boxes), and will always try it out in the quest to keep my (pretty good, even though I say it myself) skin looking youthful.

Firstly, I loved the packaging – nice and simple, but enough that it has a good identity – it’s the kind of packaging you’d spot if you were looking for it in a shop. Secondly, the moisturiser had a separate plastic lid, so your cream doesn’t leak out onto the lid – the amount of times a lid has come open and leaked all over my bag… so this was a big thumbs up too.

Relax Nourish Skin RangeSo then, the actual cream. I was using my Olay Moisturiser in the mornings, so used this one in the evenings. At first I was unsure – a cream that smelt of apple? But actually, it works. It’s a really lovely subtle scent, and a while later I’ve rubbed my skin and smelt it again (and ooh, it’s good) – I do tend to react to creams if there’s too much going on, so I’m pleased to report this went on lovely, and stayed on lovely with zero irritation on my skin.

I didn’t want to gush too much until I’d read up a bit more about Nourish, and it’s all good – despite it not saying anywhere on the website, I’ve had it confirmed they’re definitely not tested on animals which is a huge plus point. Each tub has a 24 month shelf life, so you’ve got lots which will last a long time as well.

Nourish was designed as a natural, anti-ageing skin care range that is perfect for core skin care needs (Nature) but also helps you optimise your skin around the life you lead (Nurture)

We know that our skin changes and elasticity declines over time. Skin is our first protection barrier. As we age it begins to fail and lose efficiency. Our modern lifestyle produces chemicals at a rate faster than our skin can accept. Skin damage is caused by inflammation from everyday exposure to environmental and physiological stresses. These cause the production of damaging free radicals.

The way our skin looks and ages is most influenced by two factors: skin type and lifestyle

Choose your Nourish daily routine based on your skin type (Nature) and then supplement it using additional products from the other ranges to fit your personal lifestyle influences (Nurture)

Nourish Protect RangeDry skin – Nourish Protect
Sensitive skin – Nourish Relax
Combination skin – Nourish Balance
Mature skin – Nourish Radiance


Nourish can be found here
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